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9 Ways You Can Promote Your Band Online And Offline

Making good music and being known for it are two very different challenges. We hear conversations about how someone is a talented musician, yet not many people know about the person. The trivial problem here is that an artist sees marketing and promotions as independent of their artform.

In the world of the internet, just being good is not good enough. One must go the extra mile and make their band function like any other company. Every band is comprised of live artists, but they must also become content creators. Keeping audiences engaged in the online world will drive revenue in the form of ticket sales, bookings, contracts, and album sales.

The way we consume music has changed in the last decade. It is no more just the era where we download youtube to mp3 converter for our music needs. There are also music applications, social media, youtube, and much more. A live show might have a limited number of people, but the online market has an infinity audience.

Promotions are not restricted to online platforms. Something as simple as a flyer for your show or creative merchandise is still looked at as a rustic and practical way to sell. As a band, the stage is where you belong — and there are no promotions as effective as an unforgettable gig.

Promotions can be looked at as the accelerator of the reaction. They ensure more people know about you, work is regular, and your band has the continued motivation to keep making music. Promotions are not just restricted to online ads and updates. Here are a few simple ways you can make sure your band gets the most number of eyeballs.

1. Establish You Caprice

Every band has one element that sets them apart. This might be something you do in your music, your logo, the way you dress – it could be any of those. Ensure that you know what it is for your band. Once you know, amplify it. People remember something distinct. Make sure you bring freshness to the bizarreness.

2. Snackable Social Media Content

The attention span has reduced, and the time spent on a video on social media has lessened today. People only spend a few seconds or minutes on each post. Make small and crisp videos of your work for each social media platform. You can use a free promo video maker without watermark on them in just a few minutes.

3. Take Them To Your Website

Your band is a brand, and each brand needs a single point of exchange. No matter what your promotions, lead them all to your website. Fuel your site with all your videos and audio works. Keep them updated with show dates, booking details, merchandise, and anything else you feel relevant.

4. Book More and Book Wide

If you want strong visibility for your brand, you need to stop playing in the same market. The only way to grow an audience is by getting out of the comfort zone and into the real world. Book shows across the country. Cross-promote these on your social media and website to generate more hype about your work.

5. Radio Is Not Dead

While everyone has moved on to streaming platforms, radio is still the number one hangout for audiophiles and daily commuters. There is a vast market filled with people waiting to explore anything that plays on the stations. A band can easily approach radio stations or send IPs. Radios are, to this day, the most significant catalyst for unexplored talent.

6. Video Record Everything

No gig is too small or big to skip a recording. You need to hire a production team for each of them. Even the most basic setup of phones and a live feed of the mixer are great for content creation. This gives you room to share promos of your live shows and build curiosity in those yet to see you live.

7. Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Giving away free stuff is the best way to bring people to you. This can be in the form of merchandise after a show or a free pass to your concert, or even some free online resources. Something as simple as a tailor-made playlist link on your website or social media will generate clicks.

8. Meaningful Collaborations

The more you explore the live music scene, the more people and bands you meet. Collaborations are the best exchange of resources and fanbases. Approach other musicians to create interesting collaborative content. Bring enough to the table as you would expect from the other person. Collaborations do not end at other artists. You can also approach brands, NGOs, colleges — the options are endless.

9. BTS Makes All The Difference

‘Behind the scene’ of any band is an endearing piece of content on the internet. Audiences are always interested in seeking the process behind the music or the tour, making vlogs about your shows, tours, and recording sessions. The ‘making’ portraits give your audience a chance to connect with you on a personal level and feel included in your process.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that with any promotion or campaign, the most crucial link is consistency. One cannot just do a single run of promotions and expect to see growth. This is a slow-burn, ongoing process. It almost runs parallel to your primary job of making music. Plan your promotions months ahead of time to ensure you never miss a moment.

Rely on free tools online and offline to promote. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on making promo posters and videos. All of these can be done using free online tools that take almost no time to learn. They mostly work on a simple drag-and-drop technique to give you exciting content in minutes.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask. Asking could lead to rejection, but it is also the only way to win approvals. Be it a club owner, a radio personality, a local celebrity, a booking agent, a friend, or a family — ask them to push your music to the world. Promotion is a domino effect that starts with you making the first move.

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