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How to use Twitter in Business

There are many ways to earn money or promote your business with Twitter

Affiliate Marketing: if you have an account at websites like clickbank.com, you can use your product’s link code( that you intend to promote) here. In the update box, type in the link with a short message which should be attractive to your followers.

Run a contest:- “people who would go to my website and buy the product would get a lucky draw prize”. Lines like this can be used to attract your followers. But make sure you really intend to give the lucky winner a prize. Otherwise, your followers might block you.

Twitter Blaster Pro: this service is provided by Twitter to increase followers base. A great tool to network in the shortest time. You can also use Twitter growth apps.

It does mass auto-follow, mass auto messenger, mass auto number alerts

Learn from successful Twitters:- find people who have a high number of followers, learn from them, take tips from them, share ideas with them.

Followers/ following ratio should be in control:– don’t try to follow blindly, keep a check on the number of followers before sending the following requests. Because if people would see that you are following far more than the number of followers, they will eventually think that you are spam.

Twitter Spams and Scams

Twitter, has of late, become the house of spammers and scammers, precisely due to its inherent feature of allowing any user to follow any number of people. There are numerous Twitter products available on the internet which act a “Bot’, which are made to automatically follow thousands of users at one go. There are available at as cheap as 5$ to 70$.

Spammers use Twitter by replying to your username, which then causes the Tweets to show up in your message box.

I have seen numerous examples of tweeters who have highly disproportionate followers/following ratio, which means they have very high numbers of following in comparison to followers. I will give a snapshot of such a user below. This is a clear indication that this person is here only for creating unwanted tweets at short intervals, which we call spams or scams.

Solutions Suggested To Stop Twitter Scams:

Use of “Captcha”: this similar problem was faced by other social networking websites like Myspace, where an unknown Bot used to add users on its own. This problem was resolved by using an image verification service to add friends called “CAPTCHA”. Similar, service should be installed on Twitter also. Otherwise, it would soon turn out to be another spammy social network. It would lead to people ignoring tweets, messages. Something should be done asap to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Install a Button of “Report spam”: this should be done on the user’s home page, so that if they get any unwanted, spammer’s following request, they can be reported as spam by clicking on that button. And, Twitter consequently would remove the account.

Some Of The Tips from Twitter To Fight Scams:

  • Don’t reply to a spammer’s message.
  • Don’t click on any link which has juste.ru link.
  • You can anytime report them and we’ll check them out.
  • Don’t sign up for “get followers fast!” tools and programs. They can be scams that can access your username and password!
  • We strongly recommend you to not to give your username and password to untrusted 3rd party applications.
  • Please don’t send out links to spam sites to your friends even if you’re just warning others about them.
  • TheSmartECard.com is a scam/phishing site. Don’t visit this website.
  • Please ignore everything related to Twaniac.com.
  • Hope this information helped you.

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