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Top Hacks To Make Your Moving Experience Easier

Whether you are moving out on your own for the first time, moving with friends, or moving back home to visit your parents, moving can be a stress-inducing experience. Add in the fact that there are numerous moving hacks and tips out there for doing all sorts of things before, during, and after an actual move (some useful, some not so much) can make a simple task more difficult than it needs to be. We promise that this is a simple hack. Read on to find out

Get Rid of Things Not Needed

Oftentimes we pack things that we never use in our life. Either things are of no use to us or they belong to the past. All you carry forward to the new place are important belongings. So, get rid of all items not needed at the nearest charity house. Including books, clothes, and other household items that weigh your moving truck beyond its capacity.

Start with the Kitchen

When you think about packing for a long-distance move, it is easy to overlook the items in the kitchen. However, most kitchen items are small and portable. Kitchen items are most of the things you won’t need until you unpack. Getting your kitchen ready will keep your mind calm and make you feel efficient in the process, making the rest of your work easier. This is one of the moving house organization tips that you’re going to be thankful to us the most.

Use a Ranking System

A ranking system is a great way to see your improvement. It should be as simple as putting a  tick at the end of every task you’ve completed or can check-off on the list and write down how many there are. To make this easier, mark 1 star for each task you’ve completed. This marks that you have successfully finished one task out of all the others in the move preparation list. Mark 2 stars if you get half of your packing done. Mark 3 for a full-packed box. If you see yourself not completing a priority task, mark it with more stars to give yourself more motivation to do it. 

Stock Up On Moving Supplies

It’s important to stock up on moving supplies before you move. You should buy items like boxes and packing tape weeks before your move so this way when it comes to the day of the move everything is under control and you don’t have to worry about buying supplies on the day of your move. The more prepared you are, the smoother your move should be, with less stress and more enjoyment.

Accept Volunteers

It is easier and less expensive to move with volunteers who don’t expect to be paid. Think about asking your friends, family, neighbors, and church members if they can give you a few hours of their free time to help you move. The more hands-on-deck, the faster the work will be.

Seek the Services of a Reliable Moving Company

There are lots of reasons why people move from one place to another and oftentimes, it’s a very stressful and hectic process, especially when you try to do everything on your own. Moving companies are in the business of making the house moving process easier for their clients. They know that not everyone possesses the time and energy to pack all their belongings, load them up onto a moving truck and transfer them into their new home.

Order Labels with Your New Address

Once you’ve found your new home, you can order new address labels. This is a great way to write down important information without having to remember everything. Tackle the job before you by organizing your notes and information in one location.

Pack Suitcase with a Week Worth of Essentials

When you’re packing for a move you should be putting together a box with some essentials for your first week in your new place. During this time you’ll need things like extra toothbrushes, your first set of laundry detergents, the toilet paper that goes with your new bathroom set, and so on.

Moving to a new home is always an exhilarating time in one’s life. For starters, the activities that need to be undertaken like packing your belongings, getting your vehicle ready for the journey, dealing with your employees if you have any, and leaving a series of voicemails for every friend and relative who would possibly care generally keep you occupied. 

But when the moving date, or in popular terminology — D-Day — approaches, you are bound to go into a tizzy. This is precisely where the ‘top hacks to make your moving experience easier’ come into play.

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