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Simple Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Fleet

Proper fleet management is a must if you want to maximize the capacity of your logistics, delivery, or transport business. A lot of fleet owners employ a selection of tools and solutions to effectively monitor their vehicles but it pays to learn more about the other ways you can manage a fleet.

If you think that you can do more for your fleet, then we’ll help you out with a few effective ways you can manage from wherever you are.

Invest In Dash Cams

Dash cams can protect you, your personnel, and your vehicles from a lot of things on the road. For one, footage gathered from dash cams can be used to prove your driver’s innocence just in case they get in an accident caused by the negligence of another party

If you have a large fleet to monitor, it’s understandably a large undertaking to invest in dash cams as it could get costly. However, a commercial dash camera can give you just as much protection without taking off too much out of your budget. Your drivers will thank you for this useful car accessory.

Some dash cams can be installed on various parts of the vehicle. This means if you have 10-wheelers in your fleet, you can protect them from all sides through dashcams.

Digitize Your Management

Back in the day, fleet management is mostly done through bookkeeping and loads of paperwork. However, thanks to the rise of SaaS tools like fleet management software, it’s not easier to easily manage your crew. Tech has been reshaping the way we do logistics and fleet management solutions are mostly at the forefront of the revolution

.More and more logistics and shipping companies are relying on fleet management solutions. These tools have loads of useful features such as GPS tracking,  data analytics, inventory management, and much more. What makes these solutions more efficient is that they can be used on desktops and mobile devices.

It’s now possible to have all the data you need in the palm of your hands. All you need is a steady internet connection and your fleet can be managed easily. These solutions aren’t free of course. However, they are great investments that can maximize the capacity of your team so consider checking them out too.

Understand That Management Starts From Drivers

When people think of fleet management, they only think that it’s about keeping your vehicles in check. However, fleet management is mostly about managing your drivers, their safety, and understanding their needs and wants. 

The key is to treat your fleet drivers just as you would treat employees in a regular office. You need to listen to them and you need to play your role as their leader

One of the challenging parts of becoming a fleet manager is that you’ll rarely see your team. Most of the time, they’ll be on the road which makes it hard for you to connect with them. Make yourself visible by scheduling monthly meetings.

If they are present in your establishment, then it would be nice to personally approach them to get more insights on what improvements they think are needed for the company.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks For Your Vehicles

It also matters that you ensure that your vehicles are always in pristine condition. It’s for the safety of your drivers, as well as the efficiency of your operations. The better the condition your vehicles are in, the better your fleet can perform.

Instead of waiting for problems to happen, it’s much better to schedule regular maintenance trips for your fleet. Most fleet owners get their vehicles checked up after it goes through a long trip.

What should you check for in your vehicles? Look for any dents or damage that could affect the vehicle’s performance. It’s also important that you adapt to seasonal changes. For instance, if it’s winter, it’s advisable to give your cars new wheels so they have better friction on icy roads.

Stay Consistent

If you want to up your fleet’s morale and performance, then it’s a must that you stay consistent. Whether it’s through your vehicle inspection or your regular meetings with your drivers, staying consistent helps your team see that you are an effective leader that wants consistent output. Remember that management is about efficient leadership, as well as consistency. 

Managing your fleet is now easier thanks to both hardware and software technology. Instead of putting all of your investments on new vehicles, it is much better to invest in these technologies as well.

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