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Top 5 Social Casinos like the Popular AEW App

Since the followers of AEW also love games with an opportunity to experience the excitement, KamaGames offered something that would satisfy them quite well. AEW Casino: Double or Nothing is a mobile social casino, which has a variety of games in their assortment. Gamblers will love not only the games themselves, but also their magnificent design.

You can download the app to your android mobile device from PlayMarket. Also AEW social casino can be downloaded for ios mobile devices from the App Store. The app has pretty good player ratings and does not vary much from each other. Nazar Thompson, casino expert at Slotsspot, kindly agreed to help us understand what a social casino is all about.

What Is a Social Casino?

Social casino differs from regular casino in one fundamental point. There is no payment of money, which means there is no basic motivation for unhealthy addiction. But all the other casino mechanics that encourage betting are there.

Social casino pros

  1. Paying real money for winnings is the main reason the game turns into a painful addiction. There are no cash payments in social casinos.
  2. The entourage of social casinos with roulettes, one-armed bandits and poker tables is just content that reflects a certain cultural phenomenon of civilization.
  3. A social casino is a safe haven for people who could potentially suffer from gambling addiction. They can play at casinos without the risk of losing real money. It’s like a sugar substitute for diabetics.
  4. The popularity of the social casino genre is based not on the similarity to gambling, but on the fact that people like surprises. We all collected gum inserts, but no one thought that this was a short road to gambling addiction.

Social casino cons

  1. The current distribution model for mobile games does not prevent children and adolescents from downloading any games. Social casinos should focus on solving this problem first. Children playing in casinos are definitely evil.
  2. Social gambling does not differ from gambling in terms of its impact on human biochemistry.
  3. Social casinos, like regular casinos, always win. This is a mathematical fact. This means that social casinos are designed so that the involved player is doomed to lose and needs to invest real money. Just like in a regular casino.

Top 5 best social casinos for US players

Below are the top social casinos in 2021 for US players. A list of such casinos has been compiled in descending order of rating, and their descriptions are attached. All of these establishments have received excellent reviews from visitors and are available to adult citizens of the United States.

5. Stardust social casino

The fifth line of the rating is occupied by Stardust social casino. This name symbolizes the revival of the most famous casino in the world. One of the largest operators in the world gambling establishments provide visitors with all the pleasures of gambling without the slightest financial risk. We are talking about real slot machines that you can find in the best gambling houses. The only difference is that Stardust does not accept money bets.

Useful info:

  • Official website – ;
  • Stardust social casino app for Android;
  • Stardust social casino app for IOS;
  • Support email –

4. Winstar social casino

This establishment provides a variety of eTABLES and eGAMES games. In addition, Winstar social casino offers slots familiar to avid gamblers, which can also be found in those casinos where they play for real money. The casino website can also be accessed using smartphones and tablets. By subscribing to winstar social casino promo codes, you can receive the latest offers from social casino.

Useful info:

  • Official website – ;
  • Winstar social casino app for Android – none;
  • Winstar social casino app for IOS – none;
  • Support email –

3. Seminole social casino

THere are new, modernized games where you do not need to wager real money. However, with over 125 electronic games available on mobile devices, there are real prizes to be won. We are talking about well-known devices with progressive jackpots, social casino slots from Konami and other popular virtual slots! And all this is absolutely free.

Useful info:

  • Official website – ;
  • Seminole social casino app for Android
  • Seminole social casino app for IOS – none;
  • Support email –

2. Maryland live social casino

Gambling at this establishment does not require real money bets. Instead, you can take a free virtual loan at a live social casino. This virtual amount will give you the opportunity to play slot machines provided by Maryland Social Casino. If the loan is over, you can take a new one the next day to play live casino social games.

If you permanently log into your personal profile, you will automatically be provided with the necessary virtual amounts for playing in mdlive social casino. At the same time, the range of slots in this social casino is quite wide.

Useful info:

  • Official website – ;
  • Mdlive social casino app for Android – none; 
  • Md live social casino app for IOS – none;
  • Support email –

1. Hard rock social casino

A variety of games at Hard rock social casino are accessible via mobile devices. This social casino offers over a hundred famous games with real prizes. After downloading the necessary software, you can play the best casino social slots simulating real gambling. The Hard rock social casino promo code gives you significant prize bonuses.

Useful info:

  • Official website – ;
  • Hard rock social casino app for Android
  • Hard rock social casino app for IOS;
  • Support email –

Top 5 types of social casino games

Social casino games often imitate gambling. The only difference is that players here do not place real money bets or win cash prizes. Sometimes completely new is offered, immersing the player in real virtual reality. Below is a list of the most popular types of games at top social casinos.

  1. Video slots. These slot machines are prevalent in US social casinos. Both traditional 5-reel social slots with many bonuses and a progressive jackpot for huge virtual amounts are offered.
  2. Video poker. The most popular social casinos offer online poker. The players are guaranteed real excitement without the risk of losing money.
  3. Table games. Some establishments attract users with some kind of imitation of a board game. These can be various types of roulettes, blackjack, etc. These can be various types of roulettes, blackjack, etc. While you won’t win real cash prizes here, the thrill is guaranteed.
  4. VIP games. The stakes in the form of virtual loans are very high here, but the jackpot is huge. Here you can get more than 50 thousand game moments and access to special social slots, where the winnings are absolutely fantastic.
  5. Bingo games. These social slots allow you to get the biggest jackpots. It may not be possible to exchange them for real money, but the maximum adrenaline awaits the players.

Can I win real money at a social casino?

Social casinos cannot help you win real money at cards, slots, dice or roulette. But they do give you access to the same fun games that real money players play. Or even more interesting entertainment. If you still want to experience a more exciting experience, then try playing online slots for real money. Another advantage is that you cannot lose money on social slots. So there is no chance of gambling going bankrupt. At the same time, some social casino games as lotteries allow you to get cash prizes.


So, Mr. Thompson shared some very interesting information. At first glance, it may seem that betting in gambling without investing money is a meaningless activity, because in the absence of risks, in principle, there is no opportunity to get a win. However, social casinos often show a broader genre diversity than traditional gambling houses.

Developers of games for social casinos strive to create not just self-sufficient slots, but entire gaming worlds. At the same time, the game gets a certain plot shade, and the player is immersed in a special world of adventures with various stages and prizes. And when it comes to free versions of traditional games, this is a good chance to improve your gambling skills before playing for real money.

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