Tuesday, September 26

Common Injuries in the Construction Industry

Construction sites are high-risk environments that can present many hazards and risks to workers. Before starting a job in the construction industry or entering a construction site, become aware of the potential dangers and learn how to keep yourself and others safe.

If you do happen to obtain an injury while at work, you want to be sure to document the accident, get the necessary care, and speak with a construction site accident lawyer.

Here are some of the most common injuries that occur in the construction industry. Hopefully, this list will make it easier to watch out for and identify potentially dangerous situations and avoid any accidents. 


Falls are unfortunately one of the most common causes of injury to construction site workers. Since so many people work and operate heavy machinery and tools at heights, it makes it easy to fall and injure yourself, if you are not properly secured.

It is important to work together as a team with colleagues and be especially cautious when working above ground level. If everyone works carefully and pays attention to possible safety risks, falls can be avoided. Safety harnesses have fall arrest safety measures to make it safe when working on buildings or other construction projects. They usually have buckles on the shoulders and leg loops to keep you from falling and injuring yourself. 

Getting caught in or between heavy machinery

This type of accident can result in the worker getting crushed, and potentially fatally wounded. The fact that this is one of the most common injuries on construction sites proves how important it is to stay focused and be cautious at all times. Employers should always provide the proper training to ensure that workers understand how to safely operate machinery and what to do when machines are faulty. If this occurs and especially if serious injuries have resulted from the accident, it is important to get the right kind of legal representation to file a personal injury claim. 

Electric shocks and burns

One of the most common injuries sustained on construction sites that occur as a result of electrocution is burn injuries. Electric shocks can happen if the equipment isn’t properly inspected and maintained and if workers come in contact with live wires. Electric shocks and burns can usually be avoided if the proper precautions are taken. Equipment should never be used if it wasn’t previously inspected and any potential hazards should immediately be reported to supervisors or managers. 

Struck by an object

Whilst the vast majority of accidents that involve being struck by an object are not malicious, the fact remains that they do happen. This is the reason that communication and caution when working at heights is so important. It is easy to drop an object while repairing a roof or working on the facade of a building. While the fall lasts only a few seconds, the injuries can last a lifetime. 

These are only some of the most common ways that staff can injure themselves on a construction site. Recklessness and lack of focus can quickly lead to injuries and severe pain that can cause serious problems for those who are affected. 

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