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Top 10 Photoshop Plug-ins

Using plug-ins for the popular graphics editor Adobe Photoshop allows you to greatly simplify the work and thus increase their productivity. The plug-ins are perfect for performing repetitive or time-consuming tasks, such as converting PSD files to SCC3, exporting layers, converting text to SVG format and so on. There is a huge number of Photoshop plug-ins created by numerous fans of this program. 

Divine Elemente

One of the most stunning projects I’ve met recently. Divine Elemente plugin allows designers to create WordPress themes without any front/backend skills. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to work with it. It is only available for Windows. For everything to work, you need to create a layout according to the built-in blueprint – it is a certain Bootstrap, Boilerplate, or even a set of instructions for naming layers and groups.

The developers promise a lot of good things, among others: SEO friendly, valid and semantic layout, readable code. Impressive!

Layrs Control 

“A collection of scripts, which simplifies the implementation of CS6, a collection of routine work”. The plugin removes all disabled layer effects, unused layers, finds similar folders and files, rasterizes all smart objects, and styles all elements according to the Flat design. By the way, the last task performs separately


Very and very handy plugin designed for cutting the layout. Allows you to export layers with settings for different devices. A specific syntax for layer naming allows you to automatically perform additional actions on a layer or a group of layers: trimming, scaling, button status detection and distribution to device types.

Converts Photoshop styles and shapes into CSS and SCSS/SASS under Compass. Supports text layers, internal and external shadows, internal and external lighting, gradients, border-radius, etc. The only downside of this great plugin is that it works through a server and it takes ~30 seconds to wait for the result.

Browser Preview 

Many interface designers will appreciate the Browser Preview plugin. As the name is clear, with this plugin you can immediately see how the layout will look in the browser.


The specifications for the layout can be very tight. It often happens that the designer needs to show the layout with the dimensions of all elements, as well as specify font characteristics or indents. With the Markly plugin, all this routine work is done in just one click.

Ps Exsport Panel

The process of exporting to Photoshop has always been inconvenient and time-consuming – that’s why there are so many plugins that solve this problem. But with the advent of PS Export Panel, exporting files has become unusually easy work. With the Export Panel, you can export the entire layout, as well as individual elements or layers in a variety of graphic formats.


Interface is not just buttons, sliders or textures. In UI design it is often necessary to create individual graphics, such as icons. Using a plugin simplifies the work with these interface elements. The plugin comes with templates for quick style re-creation, but you may use any templates like free business card mockups. Besides, you may use it to transform bitmap icons into vectors. It also enables JetPack to automatically align icons in the grid on all layout screens.


Demonstration of the layout requires its spectacular presentation. It may also be useful to understand how the interface will look on different types of devices. But creating a presentation requires time, which is often not enough. With this plugin, Photoshop CC users can export their layouts and immediately get an image in perspective. Of course, the creation of presentations is not the main task of the UI designer, but to automate this process is sometimes very useful.


Size Marks plugin is a script for Photoshop, which turns a rectangular selection into a dimensional mark. In this way, a front-end engineer or designer can prepare a layout for layout much faster. The plugin creates a new layer and automatically gives it a name, which is very convenient. The new layer is translucent and does not interfere with the work at all. 


Do you need to insert images frequently while working on a project? Install the Pictura plugin! The plugin allows you to search and add images from Flickr without leaving your workspace. Uploads are instant, in just one click. If you need to find free vectorize images, you can use the built-in filter. To install the plugin, just double-click on the downloaded file. Pictura works with versions of Photoshop CS5 and above.

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