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Tips on how to move sales for toys

Tips on how to move sales for toys

If you are a dealer in toys for the retail market, you are aware that many other similar outlets are competing for the same market. The love for a particular type of toy for kids is highly influenced by other external forces than the knowledge about it by the kids. Unlike adults who shop with informed minds, children will tend to go with what is trending or highly advertised.

During holidays online shops will entice customers with offers such as ” click here for best affordable toys.” Hence, whether it is a low or high sales season, taking your game, a notch higher can highly improve on sales. Herein, we take you through some of the ways you can improve your retail sales to recover from a slow day.

Don’t involve retail in price competition

While many business persons think of lowering the price as a way of attracting more sales, think otherwise. This is because most customers are nowadays aware that what is cheap may not be quality after all. They say cheap is expensive. Hence, you will end up losing the clients more. Instead, you may choose to focus on the convenience of shopping for your toys online. This alone is a cost and time-saving technique that overshadows your higher toy price tag.

There is also value in positioning your retail store as being unique and offering unique toys. Advertise what makes you different from the others and target and maintain those clients that value what you offer. It is even okay to charge a little more for additional benefits that your client values. For instance, you may charge higher for a toy but offer a free elegant gift package. For price-sensitive shoppers, you can still pull them by offering selective discounts for a specific category. This allows you to maintain a good margin without cutting prices across the board.

Use toy marketing tricks in your store

Lure any passing shopper with an eye-catching display, especially because the kids are your target customers. Having a creative and conspicuous window display of the best seller toys will invite them inside, instill curiosity, and promote impulse sales.

Additionally, carefully rearrange your products on the shelves to align the toys with the right products at the right place and at the right time. Depending on the season, customers will shop together with their kids for certain products of necessity. Placing the toys strategically along these products will make your toys sell more and faster as kids will be stricken by their display without looking further.

Aligning marketing with stocks

Using a great video is the next big thing in instore marketing alongside the use of flyers and catalogs. Children are more attracted to audiovisual display than reading documents. This strategy is also advisable for online marketing to catch the shoppers’ attention twice. Several digital marketing platforms, such as social media, are affordable, too, are easy and irresistible to customers.

Additionally, open the boxes in your store and let the kids play with the toys. This experimental marketing allows kids to own toys before their parents buy them and somehow coercing the client to purchase. More so, they are able to satisfy the curiosity of what if the toy won’t work or it’s not what they thought it was. Install flat screens for gamers and introduce the experience.

Build a lasting relationship

A repeat customer is a satisfied customer and will want to stay loyal to your store. Keep in touch with these clients by updating your marketing platform, and social media account regularly with new information on the new toy’s arrival. This will keep your sore fresh in their minds and promote regular visits when in need of another purchase.

Creating an email listing is also advisable to connect with loyal customers on a personal level. Keep your subject line simple and engaging, and easy to read the content. It’s also at this point that you initiate a customer loyalty program to reward customers who purchase toys frequently with free merchandise, coupons, rewards, and advance released toys.

Stock something for everyone

It is important that you cater to everyone in your toy store. Keep yourself updated with the current trends in toys and ensuring you stock all the most sought-after items. This will ensure that more customers are attracted to your store and find something they love. Include special ordering for specific toys that have fewer customers but can be delivered within a short time.

Customer experience

You may sell the same toys as your competitors, but how you deliver your product will determine how many customers you attract. Putting a smile while serving kids and even trying to remember their names can build a personal relationship. Offering after-sales service is also a way of assuring customers that your business doesn’t end with making a sale. In addition, you may come up with a return policy to take care of malfunctioning sales that are not as a result of the client’s fault. Knowing your customers will also enable you to offer a recommendation for the right toys to purchase, and this makes them feel valued.

In conclusion

With these tips, now you have an idea of how you can make more sales on toys during the low and high seasons. Whether you intend to sell your toys in your store or online, it is essential that you make them appealing to your target customers. Then offering your items and services in a different way from the rest will attract more customers to you while building a lasting portfolio. even for a start-up business, you can get it running and flocking with clients and increasing sales by applying these simple tricks

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