Thursday, March 23

Top 10 Business Ideas For 2020

1. Becoming a handyperson

The daily demands of people’s jobs and their lives make it difficult to do certain things for themselves. For others that are not good at do-it-yourself repairs within their house, there is always the need for an extra hand. Generally, not a lot of people know how to make repairs around their own house and this has raised the need for a handyman or woman at most times. One can make extra cash and have a side business by repairing that leaky faucet and tightening that broken pipe.

You can take it up a notch with fuse repairs. You can never run out of things to do as a handyperson. All you need is to know how to do these things then acquire the equipment too. Owning the equipment is another edge you have over others because where most people know how to make repairs they do not have the tools to carry out most tasks. 

2. Child-minding businesses

Keeping a full-time job and still being a parent will reveal that parenting on its own is a full-time job. Paying bills and minding the children is not an easy task and one can cash in on this opportunity to make extra cash. Parents want children to be cared for, to engage in recreational activities and still do their academic work.

If you have it in you to take care of kids and engage them in activities that are meaningful and keep them occupied at times when their parents have to attend to other things then you will probably make more money from child-oriented businesses. It is not a business everyone can do because not everyone can be patient with children, so if you can then go on and do this business.

3. Making Bobbleheads or Nodders

If you know how to make a custom bobblehead then you stand a good chance of making money from it as a business. Most people want bobbleheads made for them and they would pay well if you make these bobbleheads according to details that they have provided you. Bobbleheads are popular with children and adults so the demand is high and you will have a good market for your skill.

4. Becoming a tutor


People never really stop seeking new knowledge and information in things and spheres they are interested in. Often they need help with learning these things and would someone that already possesses the knowledge to tutor them and guide them through what they want to learn. People that need tutoring can be a person that wants to learn a new language or culinary skills. It could be a person that is trying to pass their SAT or other standardized tests or it could be a child that needs to learn how to read or write. Tutoring is always a good business as long as you possess some knowledge others need.

5. Event planning

A lot of money, energy and time go into planning a party or an event only for it to turn out poorly most times. It could be frustrating for most people or even pressurizing to plan an event like birthday parties, book launch, wedding ceremonies and other social gatherings like that. If only they could hand over this burden to another person. You can plan and supervise an event as a business because everyone likes parties and events. There is always something to celebrate or mark that demand planning the event, so cash in on this need to build a business.

6. Delivery Services

The big merit of technology is that people can sit in their convenience and hire or purchase an item but what they cannot do is to command these things to come to them. This delivery gap can be filled if you can deliver things to their doorstep. This simple errand of delivering things to wherever people need it could be a source of income that you can build a business around especially when you have to deliver to a lot of people. It could be as little as food delivery like pizza or larger scale deliveries but it is always going to be lucrative.

7. Pet Care Services

Just like children, a lot of people always need someone to take care of their pets when they cannot do it by themselves. When they have to go on a trip or even go to work they would rest easy if someone was caring for their pets even if they would have to pay. If you are good with animals and have the patience for them then this is a good business to consider because it is a service that people would never stop needing. It is a good source of income.

8. Warehousing and Storage 

Most people require space for their goods or properties and if you can provide a warehouse or rent a storage unit where they can store up these things then you are in for a good business opportunity. If you have extra space that you can afford to lease or rent out then you will be able to build a business that can fetch you good money.

9. Web and Logo Designs

Most online businesses need to build their distinguishing brand but they do not possess the skill to do it. If you possess the skill set then you will make fair income by building a business for yourself. 

10. Real Estate Management and Agency 

You can help people find the property which they can purchase, lease or rent for a commission. A real estate agency is a good and profitable business once you are licensed. The role of middle man between buyer and owner is what puts food on the table of a real estate agent.

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