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How To Advertise A Product Online

How To Advertise A Product Online

Considering the contemporary advertising landscape, I would suggest using a mix of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Display advertising.

As for SEM, try gaining experience in Google AdWords. This tool allows you to attract consumers looking for similar products or even your products. That way, you attract an audience that is already stimulated or have a clear intent to buy products within your category.

Display advertising, on the other hand, mostly targets an audience that is not actively looking for your product category. Moreover, Display advertising allows for remarketing (e.g. target people who visited your website, but didn’t buy anything).

An important source for Display advertising is Facebook Marketing. What makes this source of advertising so useful, is that the targeting is very specific because of Facebook’s data they have gathered about their users. That way, as a company, you can target potential customers who have the highest probability of buying your products.

Therefore, the combination of SEM and Display advertising is ideally suited for attracting new customers who buy your products online.

 Some ways to advertise:

1. Google AdWords

The grand daddy of online advertising.  Since Google owns the lions share of the search engine market, it makes their advertising platform AdWords  the biggest platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. AdWords lets you create text and images etc.

2. Microsoft Ad center 

Similar to Google AdWords, Microsoft uses it’s Bing search engine to serve ads in it’s search engine results as well as partner networks.

3. 7  search

A smaller player in the paid search industry, 7 Search uses smaller, niche search engines to display your Pay Per Click (PPC) ad.

4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook let’s you create mini billboards on thousands of targeted Facebook users and is well worth checking out.

5. Twitter Advertising

While Twitter has allowed advertising for quite some time with promoted tweets and trends, it has been way out of the budget for small business owners (unless you had a min of 10k to spend a day!).  This is a very cost-effective and helpful way on How To Advertise A Product Online.

6.  Stmbleupon Paid Discovery

Stumbleupon is a neat social service people use to discover (stumble on) new websites they never knew existed, related to their interests.

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