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7 Common Organizational Mistakes to Avoid in Speech Writing

Speech writing is referred to as more complex kinds of assignments than common writing of academic papers. Why is that so? Not all people feel good at ease when they perform before the public. Some are quite shy and thus, become anxious. This induces a lot of problems. Other people feel natural when they face a lot of other people. However, they may still fail the test because they make some serious organizational mistakes.

If you organize your presentation properly, you may enjoy great success. Otherwise, you’ll fail miserably. Therefore, we recommend learning a list of common organizational mistakes. If you know them, you will probably avoid every possible mistake. Consider the following list composed by professional academic writers from CustomWritings, established speech writing service:

Let’s discuss these issues.

Issue #1. Too long preparations.

One of the most typical mistakes is to make yourself comfortable on the stage for too long. While speakers try to find their place on the stage, locate all technical devices and notes, they make their listeners suffer. All the preparations should be ready before the first listener arrives. Come earlier and settle things properly to be ready to start at once.

Issue #2. Reading from slides.

Another sign that a speaker is not well organized is reading from slides. You should remember that you give a speech and don’t organize a reading event. Unfortunately, many speakers take this task too .lightly and don’t learn information beforehand. This creates a great tension because the listeners understand that the speaker isn’t professional. Such people risk losing their audience before they get to the middle of the speech.

Issue #3. Irrational flow.

We can bet that your teachers and professors always told you that every assignment should have smooth and logical transitions. Commonly, a topic may have several interrelated sub-topics that should be fully discovered. Otherwise, the audience may not completely realize the main purpose of a speech. Many students fail this necessity and give a speech, which has many weak sides. The flow isn’t smooth and a speech giver seems to jump from one theme to another one. This also shows that the speech wasn’t thoroughly planned.

Issue #4. Failure of time-sequence patterns.

Another weak side of speech organization is the chronological order. An author of a presentation may miss a lot of facts, such as origin and some essential phases of development of the discussed issue. As a result, many people cannot understand how he/she came to some conclusions. It’s necessary to mention all crucial facts chronologically to never mess up the audience.

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Issue #5. Location error.

Another sign of a disorganized speech is the issue of location. Oftentimes, speeches cover some historical or political events. It’s important to mention the time period, as well as a region where the events take place. Thus, many historical speeches didn’t specify the location or marketing analysis of a country didn’t specify all regions. You should make clear such points because your listeners would hardly understand what exactly you analyze.

Issue #6. Problem with causes and effects.

Many issues can be explained with the help of cause and effect technique. It shows the cause of a certain problem and reveals the effect it induces. Many students aren’t able to use this technique. As a result, listeners don’t know how the analyzed problem appeared and what the consequences are.

Issue #7. No solution to problems.

Finally, many speakers don’t complete their speeches. The purpose of any assignment is to disclose a relevant problem and introduce an effective solution. Many speech givers seem to just dance around this requirement. They add watery sentences but never go straight to the point. Thus, a project may highlight a problem without solving it.

How to Overcome Your Problems?

After you recognize the main problems, find some solutions to avoid failure. We can help you. Here are a few tips to cope with possible organizational issues.

Memorize all organizational mistakes. Avoid them with the help of our examples or find some other methods. Gather as many methods as you can to ensure your success. Thus, you’ll be able to compose a perfect speech.

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