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How Social Media Can Influence Your Decisions as a Sports Fan

How Social Media Can Influence Your Decisions as a Sports Fan

One of the most powerful world-changing tools today is the internet, especially through social media. The way we get news, movies and acquaintances has also changed. So it should not come as a surprise that social media as many spheres of influence including sports and sports betting online.  

In yesteryears of sports betting, you needed to put a call through to a betting site and have a conversation before you could place a bet. Nowadays, you can have access to data through online sportsbooks which help their users to make a much more informed decision such as 888sport live betting, Bovada, Bet-online and many more. 

Sports fans today have begun to use social media in getting information which helps them follow their favorite teams and also make betting decisions. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a huge platform for sports betting enthusiasts and betting companies to engage and interact with each other. 

Online betting companies are also using social media

While users engage in these platforms for getting extra information to bet on matches, the betting companies see it as a medium for carrying out extensive marketing.

It makes sense, marketing today is done via social media, betting companies maximize social media as a marketing tool while trying their best to bridge the gap between sports betting and social media. Most of them see it as a platform to keep their audience engaged.  

More so, they use it to study the sports betting habits of their target audience and respond to queries in real-time. There are different chat rooms for sports fans in which they interact with each other. Some even end up establishing meaningful relationships later on. 

Sportsbooks see social media as a means to encourage loyal and future customers by offering incentives like free wagers and promotional codes. These often help users increase their winnings as long as they make deposits online. Sometimes, these include sports betting advice, statistical representations, and other informational tips to make the best bet.

The impact of social media on fan-athlete relationship

Some of the athletes are active users of social media. Many athletes are using Twitter and this is another way for sports fans to gain access to team news and real-time information.

Take Kobe Bryant as an example. A few weeks back he sustained an injury (twisted ankle). However, the public was in the dark as per the severity of his injury. 

However, a night before his team (Lakers) were to have their next game, he tweeted “I will miss Lakers game tomorrow because I’m down with flu.” The point is, a serious sports bettor would have seen this tweet before the game and can decide what to do with the game.

Kobe is one of Lakers’ best players and game influencers. Without him, the team may not have that much spread and the odds might just be against them. However, this might just boost the opponents’ confidence and they may end up having some extra points.

Social media has become an important tool for gathering useful information into players’ and teams’ morale before a particular game and can be uses as a tip to decide how to place a wager. 

This is just one source, of course, it should not be the only one on which to rely on while placing a bet. Other sources for betting tips and data can be found in professional platforms, or by following some specific athletes while viewing different sportsbooks online, altogether these might raise your overall success in sports betting decision making.

In this world of technology, sports betting is constantly evolving, and serious users and betting companies need to keep up with the trends if they are to succeed. One such trend is social betting which is set to transform the world of online betting. It’s only a matter of time before it’s widely embraced. 

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