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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 works?

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications product line which was announced by Microsoft in 2016. It can be sold in medium and small-sized enterprise editions. These editions can include project code, and financial application also comprises project service automation, field service sales and Microsoft power apps. With the help of CRM and ERP capabilities, it can be very easy to break down into many applications. The primary purpose behind Dynamic 365 is to grow their own pace and start with their needs with the functionalities and applications. 

Based on Microsoft Azure, the solution can be hosted on different data centers across the world. It’ll be provided with the platform of Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be accessed through a web browser that can be installed on every individual computer. It can manage both the updates and accessible with the internet connection anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate closely with both outlook and office 365 and can be connected to the programs those of third-party. Due to its scalable nature and extensive capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 considered as a direct competitor to Oracle and Salesforce. The applications of Dynamics 365 are based on their products, and those are not a replacement of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, CRM, SL, or NAV which will be available for the foreseeable future. It is an alternative way to utilize business applications with additional functions. 

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Let’s have a quick view of Dynamics 365 features:

  • Customer Service – Service operations, Customer Service Leaders.
  • Human Resource – Onboard, Attract, Core HR.
  • Retail – Service Operations.
  • Marketing – Adobe Cloud.
  • Mixed Reality – Layout, Remote Assistance.
  • Sales – Sales Operations and Leaders.
  • Field Service – Service Operations and Leaders.
  • Finance – Operation Leaders.
  • Project Service Automation – Project Leaders.
  • Artificial intelligence – Customer Service, Sales, Market Insight.
  • Business Central – SMBs and ERP.

Usage of Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprises of various applications of customer relationship management, business processes, reporting, human resource management, and financial planning within a uniform program. All the hosting of Dynamics are under one roof of its data model, which allows the applications to share the data. The applications of Dynamics 365 integrate data to their business new insights and new opportunities. 

Applications Dynamics 365 edition:

  • Customer Service drives to engage with customers and helps the user to deliver very fast and personalized services to meet the expectations of customers.
  • Marketing, along with Adobe Marketing Cloud, which can connect services and sales to drive revenue.
  • Project Service Automation is used to manage beginners’ projects to the end and includes resource management budgeting, handling contracts functions.
  • Sales to track and build relationships with customers, generate leads, get in-depth insight, and close the sales.
  • Operations cover all the operational planning, manufacturing, reporting, and supply chain management aspects.
  • Field service optimizes remote assist monitoring, intelligent scheduling, mobile workforce, and inventory management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also predict actionable insights and scalable platform.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not replacing Other Dynamics CRM or ERP products?

Initially, Microsoft has started “Dynamics GP, SL, and NAV will continue to support, enhance, and license to new users.” Both the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX are missed from this statement, those products brought from the enterprise of Dynamics 365. But, they can be continued to support and innovate Dynamics AX, CRM, SL, NAV, GP solutions because they have a vast user base. 

 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

By combining Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM with the productivity applications of Microsoft then customers connected to data intelligence, transactions, preferences, and behaviors on customer records along with inventory, information orders, predictive insight tools, and shipping. The main advantage of Dynamics 365 is its tight integration with applications of Microsoft business.

When compared to CRM systems, Dynamics 365 provides beneficial integration, and most of the companies depend on Outlook and Office 365. Microsoft also can grow with third-party applications through AppSource store. It can also use common UI which is used throughout business applications of Microsoft suite, improved efficiency, and easy to enable.

How does Dynamics 365 work with the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT solutions are used to network generated information and data makes readily available through tools like CRM and ERP. Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverage insight data to stay more efficient and make better decisions. Users can analyze information with IoT solutions from connected devices. This functionality is used to detect problems when the spiral in control. In some other cases, customers can have a choice to fix the issues.

In the coming years, there will be a time when issues require in-person visit the problems. If such a situation happens, then you need to get the right tool from the right person for the first time. IoT solutions of Microsoft has performance indicator, schedule optimization, remote diagnostic features to ensure the problem and solve in one visit. In addition to the above advantages, you can continue to use portable devices with the integration of assets with IoT technologies to make maintenance, monitor the field service process.

Dynamics 365 combines ERP system with the CRM system and makes the work of your customers easier by scheduling field services. It can also have the ability to connect with IoT solutions of Microsoft. Usually, we can see the problems of the devices and can create work orders accordingly before the client affects them by diagnosing the issues. Also, we can create works orders accordingly. When there is a situation that occurs to dispatch technicians, then the field service tech may have the data to the portable devices for the first time.

To an extent, Microsoft IoT solution features can offer repairs and maintenance just-in-time. Customers also replace and clean the parts whenever they need without investing more money. With the capabilities of IoT management and Dynamics 365, customers can experience less downtime. You will get the chance in providing proactive service to keep their operations on the run. It’ll create a good impact on customers when you offer these services. Customers can know how to achieve their goals with Microsoft IoT solutions. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is referred to as a mature product in which it has an excellent track record in the global market. It has rich comprehensive features and Microsoft team’s support because of its completeness. As we discussed in this article, Dynamics 365 has the features of flexibility, productivity, user experience, deployment, analytics, less cost, growth potential and those features can be very much helpful for medium and small-sized enterprise editions to grow their own pace and start with their needs with the functionalities and applications. This is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 works. 

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