Sunday, November 27

RealCar — Your Best Choice!

RealCar provides luxury car rental services with guaranteed high quality. Using the cars of the company, you drive comfortably and stylishly in an always clean and professionally designed car.

Whether you need to rent a car for a business meeting, a vacation, or just a trip around New York, our team will help you find the most suitable vehicle for your needs.


New York is always distinguished by its high pace of life, when you do not have time to monitor rapid changes on the road, which often leads to accidents. Rent-a-car New York services are especially suitable in such cases. RealCar offers a new generation of vehicles that improve customer convenience and suit any budget. All vehicles are regularly inspected and serviced for a smooth and trouble-free driving experience.


A car can be driven not only by RealCar employees but also by drivers who have a valid driving license. It should be noted that in this case, only persons who have reached the age of majority, that is, 21 years old, can drive a car. Also know that you can get your car wherever you want, be it a hotel or your home, at no additional cost.

However, it must be remembered that everything must be agreed upon at least one day in advance to guarantee quality service. Otherwise, any changes may incur additional charges.

The Fleet

All cars of RealCar Company belong to the luxury class. Rent Range Rover and enjoy unique sensations and comfort! There are also other cars available on the website in black, gray, dark blue, or white. RealCar ensures that you get exactly the make and model of the car you order. Porsche Cayenne and Jaguar F-Pace are also particularly popular.


Choosing the service of RealCar Company, you get a high-quality service. You no longer need to stand in lines or think about where and when to park your car. Given the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, all company vehicles are cleaned and disinfected. With RealCar, your life and your car are in good hands.

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