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Three Ways Print Marketing Helps Reinforce Your Brand Identity

With so many different places you can advertise these days, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a strong, coherent brand that you intend to stick with consistently for the medium to long term. Your brand isn’t just your logo, as some people still mistakenly think, or even just your logo and color palette.

Your brand is everything from the tone your website and brochure copy is written in, to the way you answer the phone, and even the type of paper your sales materials or flyers are printed on!

Once you’ve created a strong brand identity, you can use that to inform all kinds of design decisions and marketing choices, from the uniforms your promotional staff wear to the types of websites you advertise on. All of this should contribute to strengthening the connection a customer makes between your brand and the kind of company you want to be thought of as. 

Naturally, a lot of focus these days is on how to create a good brand and build awareness of its identity online. However, there are certainly a lot of situations, especially in B2B, where you shouldn’t overlook the power that printed branded materials can have. Here we look at three reasons why printed marketing is especially good at keeping people reminded of your brand and its qualities:

Physical Items Are Harder to Tune Out

Online, we are all very used to every screen we look at having some of its real estate taken up by promotional messages, which most of the time aren’t of immediate or specific interest to us. Whether it’s conscious or not, we tune a lot of this stuff out, and this can mean that even the messages of brands very relevant to our own business needs are overlooked. A physical item, whether it’s a letter, a flyer, a brochure, or a well-designed piece of merchandising like a desk calendar, doesn’t get filtered out in the same way.

And you don’t even need to hire a design team to get everything done. There are websites like that let you create these using templates and you can customize them however you’d like.

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Adding Substance to Your Brand

Printed items can add a new sense to your brand in the form of touch. This sounds strange, but consider your impression of two brands. Both have beautiful looking websites and sound professional when they speak to you, but one has sent you a beautiful brochure on nice, heavy, high-quality paper that looks fantastic and feels expensive. Which one do you now remember best, and associate most with quality? 

Adding something people can touch and which can say something about your brand adds substance and trustworthiness that is harder to compete with online. When it comes to choosing the best physical representations of your brand, you need to look for a good print fulfillment company, such as The Print Authority. This printing company offers all kinds of options for digital and offset printing, and can provide all of your business marketing materials quickly and to your exact specifications.

A Reminder

It has been shown that people usually have to see a brand about seven times before they remember it and start to form ideas about it. With paper items like brochures, you can not only add a new way for people to see your branding but also one that can end up being looked at a lot more frequently than your website or branded online messages, for instance, if it is sitting on someone’s table for a few days.

These are just three of the reasons why your print marketing can be a really strong way to bolster brand recognition, and consolidate your brand identity.

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