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Advice to Getting your first Office Space

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Are you expanding your business and finally getting an office? It’s quite an exciting time, but there’s more to that. Renting the first place you come across is a bad idea because your office should help the business and the team.

Getting an office space that doesn’t fit your business will stress you out after a while. However, do you know the essential factors you should think about when choosing the right one?

Stick around because we’ll discuss some of the most important things to pay attention to. These few steps and tricks can help you find the right space that’ll work to support your team and business.

Think about why you need one

It might seem funny, but ask yourself if you really need an office. Sometimes, we rush to get one because it makes us feel like we’re growing. Still, getting an office when you don’t really need it might set you back a few steps.

Working from home or in a co-working space might be a good idea if you’re still not at the level of getting an office. Think about if your business could function this way before you go out and rent a huge place.

Think about the location

Where will the office be? Is the location easily accessible? Are there buses and other forms of public transportation?

These are only a few questions you should ask before signing for a certain place. You don’t want an office that’s difficult to find or access from public transportation. If your customers have to walk for another twenty minutes after getting off the bus, it’s unlikely they’ll return.

Also, is the office easily accessible for your team? Getting a place that’s far away from where everyone lives will make it hard for your staff to show up to work every day. Be considerate and try to find a location that would work for everyone.

The importance of nearby amenities

When you’re deciding on a location, make sure to also glance at what’s around the office. Your team (and you) will love having an office near a restaurant and a coffee shop.

It’s a great way of grabbing lunch and coffee outside the office. Still, nobody wants to use their break time walking to the coffee shop and back from it.

Think about if there are some places you’ll need near. Maybe you have to make frequent trips to the post office, so you should consider renting a place near one.

Other places that might be useful to have around are banks, schools, kindergartens, and supermarkets. Consider if there’s a parking space in front of the building or nearby. This is critical because people will dread coming to you if they have to park too far away.

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Have a budget in mind

Before you step out to find an office of your dreams, think about how much you’re willing to spend. Most of the time, people are surprised by how much renting can cost. Still, you want to narrow the options which you can easily do by deciding on a strict budget.

This way, you won’t waste any time looking at a space you can’t afford anyway. Think about the budget and search for some places online. This can help you see some places that are within the limits of your budget beforehand.

Also, make sure to include all the additional expenses. The stated rent is often just that, but in most cases, there are other expenses you’ll probably have to cover as well.

Ask what’s included in the rent and make sure to understand this part well. Are you expected to pay for utilities, phone, snow removal, and other such extra expenses?

Don’t leave this hanging in the air, but ask plainly and clearly. Also make sure that everything is spelled out in the lease, so you avoid any potential trouble in the future.

Always opt for light

Well-lit offices are much better to work in than the dark ones. Even if you don’t really need natural light for your work, you’ll appreciate having it. It plays a significant role in how people feel, so it might help with the general well-being of your team.

It makes it easier to stay awake, especially if you arrive early in the morning. You’ll appreciate it equally as much if you work long hours.

Big windows will give you a view of the street as well. Though this can sometimes be a bit distracting, it’s a great way of catching a break from work.

Even if it doesn’t have big windows, it should have plenty of lights and lamps. This won’t have the same effect as natural light, but it’s still better than nothing.

Working in a darkened office will make you sleepy and maybe even stressed. Not enough light might result in headaches and several other issues you can avoid by opting for a well-lit office space.

Don’t forget the floors

What are the floors like? Is the area carpeted or covered in tile? Floors are critical because some are easier to maintain than others.

Think about what kind of floor would work the best for your needs. People often opt for tile or laminate because they’re easy to clean.

Still, carpets make the area warmer and more comfortable to spend time in. Also, rugs can be just as easy to deal with if you have a proper tool to help you. In other words, you should get a commercial vacuum to maintain the carpets clean with ease.

These units are more powerful than regular vacuums and thus more suitable for office use. They have large canisters or dust bags, so you don’t have to empty them as frequently as the vac you’re using at home.

A commercial vacuum is an investment, but it pays off in the long run. Having one eliminates the need for hiring a cleaning service. Plus, there are plenty of models on the market, some of which are more affordable than others while still doing a good job.

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