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Top 10 Marketing Services for Higher Education

There are many challenges facing marketers who are working in the higher education industry. These marketers need to use the most effective strategies to navigate several factors such as student satisfaction, admissions, fundraising and maintaining alumni relationships.

Getting the best services related to branding, analytics, design, strategy, and implementations will lead to a huge difference in your return on investment and your overall marketing budget. Fortunately, several marketing agencies have specialized in helping you achieve your market goals.

Today, we are going to discuss ten marketing agencies that offer quality services in the higher education sector. We are also going to discuss what you should look at before choosing an agency. Let’s get started!

  1. Up & Up

Up & Up has been actively operating in the higher education sector for a couple of years now. It offers a variety of services including design, unique marketing strategies and creation of content.

Apart from recruitment services, they devise strategies that will enable their clients to build long-lasting relationships with alumni and participate in charity works.

Some of their clients include Florida State University College, University of Kentucky, George Mason University, Auburn University college and Clemson University to name a few.

While working with the University of Kentucky, Up & Up managed to upgrade their search database which has enabled many students across the world to access course catalogs easily. The process has also been made easier for the institution’s administrators.

  1. eCity Interactive

Since it was founded in 1999, eCity has immersed itself in the development of their clients’ brand. The agency has specialized in web design, search optimization, Instagram marketing service, research and telling stories.

Through these skills, eCity has transformed the digital world of several institutions across the world. They focus on creating unique content that is aimed at boosting the client’s recruitment and philanthropy.

  1. Ologie

Ologie has specialized in assisting higher education institutions to discover their exciting stories and powerfully communicate their brands using different media.

Since it was started, Ologie has been offering best email marketing service, research, positioning, planning, design, and experience to their clients. Some of their clients include the University of Arizona, University of California, William and Mary and Pratt University.

  1. EDU Interactive

This is a Silicon-Based organization that has specialized in recruitment marketing through the use of media and technology. You can try research paper service by Edubirdie to further improve your online content after using Edu Interactive.

  1. Education Dynamics

Education Dynamics is among the top agencies that help universities and colleges find high-quality students to enable them to achieve their recruitment goals. The agency has worked with more than nine hundred institutions.

  1. Converge

Converge is a leading agency that offers communications, recruitment, analytics and service marketing to its clients thus improving their digital marketing services.

  1. Stamats

Stamats does not only create campaigns but also creates direction and delivers inspiration to universities and colleges. Clarity is based on what is real while inspiration is created by the stories narrated by students’ alumni and faculty.

  1. Lipman Hearne

Lipman Hearne is a leading marketing agency that delivers strategies, branding and effective communication services to its clients. They have managed to build a reputation, improve recruitment services and increase profits for their clients.

  1. Edufficient

Edufficient is focused on creating results for universities and colleges through the use of innovative technology, media, and strategic methodologies.

  1. 10.ClickSpark

ClickSpark is one of the top performance-based organizations that has specialized in creating lead generation platforms that help universities and colleges convert potential leads into clients.


The agencies that have been listed here are some of the best in terms of expertise, service delivery, and capabilities. As a client, you need to choose an agency that fits your needs at the moment. Selecting the right agency is not as easy as most people think.

You need to go to an agency that has experience in coming up with plans. You need to analyze the portfolio too. A balanced portfolio signifies that the agency is innovative. It’s also important to analyze the track record of an agency before choosing to work with it.

With these facts in mind, it should not take a lot of energy or time to choose an agency. The future of your institution depends on the agency you choose to work with.


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