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How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy

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The right email marketing strategy can help you reach new target audiences, market your product effectively and grow sales and revenues for your company. Read on to know more. 


Even though there have been numerous new channels and mediums invented for outreach, the humble email remains right at the top. When it comes to outreach, email marketing has been found to statistically offer far greater returns than any other digital strategy. 

A study carried out by the Content Marketing Institute unearthed that 93% of all B2B businesses use email marketing. Likewise, when DMA carried out a survey analyzing the returns from email marketing, it found that a brand can expect an average of $32 USD for every $1 USD spent. 

In this article, we will look at some of the following important questions-

  • Definition and Meaning of the term ‘Email Marketing’.
  • Why does Email Marketing continue to be as important in 2019 as it was a decade back?
  • How can someone create the perfect email marketing strategy?
  • What are some of the benefits of email marketing?
  • Challenges to executing the right email marketing campaign and strategy.

Email Marketing Strategy: Meaning and Definition

Email Marketing is the process of connecting with interested target audiences and introducing them to your product or service. In most cases, this involves working through databases, using email marketing tools and creating the right email language. 

The majority of marketing and sales professionals in the world use Email Marketing as their top three outreach strategies for closing leads, sales and generating revenues for their businesses. 

Email marketing can be used for any purpose- buying, selling, relationship building, inviting someone, or even connecting with someone. You can get an idea about how popular email marketing is from the evidence that every major brand, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Payment Gateways, Amazon, etc. use Gmail Logins for customers. 

Email is one of the most widely used and respected models of digital communications. Even though most people tend to think of them as outdated, it still continues to enjoy a great deal of importance in commercial, marketing, and sales circles. 

How to create an Email Marketing Strategy- The List 

  1. Define your goals from the email marketing strategy

The first thing is to analyze and assess the output or the ROI that you are expecting from the email marketing strategy. Are you trying to sell a new product, asking someone to buy a service, connecting with probable employees in the capacity of an HR professional? 

This will dictate your content, your database and set the tone for your campaign. In many ways, this will lead your campaign. Setting goals and defining objectives is critical to a successful email marketing campaign. 

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  1. Go through your List Database and filter your contacts

Every company or business maintains a list of active databases for email marketing campaigns. If you do not have one, you need to create a database on MS Excel for your company. No email marketing strategy can be sent to just one email. 

It needs to have a list of contacts. Setting up the database is important as most email campaigns sync through the database, create, and run the campaigns directly from there. 

  1. Create the content for your Email Marketing Campaign

According to experts, drafting the right email is critical for any email marketing strategy. If you are following best practices, personalizing emails and directly addressing your recipients is a great first step. Please try to avoid email templates that are found online. 

You can take inspiration from them, but they have already been downloaded and sent thousands of times. If you want to increase ROIs, please try to compose the email in a personalized and thoughtful manner. This includes deciding on the Subject Line of the Email. 

  1. Select an Email Marketing Campaign Tool

There are many great email marketing campaign tools on the market. However, it is important that you go through each one of them before selecting the one that best fits your requirements. Tools differ in terms of pricing, features, and functionalities. 

If you want to be safe, try out the demo version of the tools and ask the Support Team for help all along the way. You do not want a tool that would be too complicated or technologically confusing for your marketing team. 

  1. Integrate an Email Verifier and Validation Tool

You would be sending hundreds of emails as part of your email marketing strategy. However, you also need to know how are they doing once you are sending them. In other words, you want to know whether they are performing well enough. 

An email validation tool helps you weed out inactive emails and tells you what action the recipients have taken on your emails. Have people opened them, or downloaded your attachment, are some of the things that will help you plan for the next strategy. 

  1. Always have a Follow-Up or a Plan B in place

By using an email validation tool linked to your campaign, you will be able to figure out some results. This will enable you to follow up and improve your campaigns even further. If someone has opened your mail ten times and downloaded the attachment, he or she is interested. 

All you need to do is connect with them with a different communication or request for a Skype Call. This will enable you to close sales and leads with far more efficiency. By having a Plan B in place, you will be creating the perfect email marketing campaign ecosystem for your business. 


A successful email marketing campaign becomes successful only if you have done your homework properly. This means doing the research, setting the databases, using the right campaign tools and setting clear objectives right upfront. With the right strategy and execution, you can contribute heavily to the success of your organization. 

What are some of the tools, which you use in your Email Marketing Strategies? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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