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Live Blackjack – A Look Beyond The Classics

These days, online best casinos are one of the most popular ways to relax and have some fun. Playing live blackjack is probably the best opportunity they provide. You can enjoy this evergreen classics no matter your location and what time of the day and night is. In addition, gaming companies developed and are offering multiple variations suitable for every taste.

Game roots

Blackjack’s exact origin is unidentified. Most of the people believe that was created in Spain or France. It was mentioned in several books mainly with its initial name – Twenty-One. Also, it’s unknown when it was invented. The same sources point to the 17th century but that mystery will most probably remain unsolved.

After 1800, the game was brought to the USA. And immediately became a total hit. In order to stimulate gamblers, bookmakers offered different bonuses. One of them is responsible for the change of the name of the game. You will receive 10 times your wager if you have an initial hand of Ace of Spades and any blackjack Jack – of spades or clubs. Moreover, that particular hand was named “blackjack”. That tag stuck and slowly replaced the original title.

Live Blackjack development

After the Internet was invented everything, changed. Gambling moved online and thousands of new opportunities appeared. In addition, gaming companies started to upgrade old classics and create new variations. You are now able to choose from a lot of different tables to sit with customized rules. But maybe the biggest innovation was the implementation of the live stream connection. That changed it all. Live dealer blackjack became a masterpiece. You can now enjoy the game without visiting a land-based casino and play with a real professional croupier.

Furthermore, you can choose between single and multi-deck tables. This may affect positively your strategy if you decide to follow such. And software providers did not stop there. In order to reach as many people as possible, they started to create different variants of the live blackjack. Custom-made lounges for those who have a bit more sophisticated taste. You can play live blackjack online in every possible way – alone or with a crowd, low or high stakes, etc.

In addition to that, dozens of cameras were placed around and on the table. Users can watch simultaneously from every possible angle and get a more immersive experience. You really feel like sitting on a chair in the famous Bellagio or MGM Grand Casino.

Famous Live Blackjack game types

Every live blackjack online casino must provide at least several different playing opportunities. Otherwise, players might prefer to go somewhere else. In addition, all croupiers must be professionally-trained and with strong communication skills. You must feel well even if you are losing chips or there is no point to continue.

One of the most preferred and played types of live blackjack is the “Infinity”. There is no limit to the number of seats and stakes size varies. The specific thing here is that everyone is playing with the same cards. However, every player reacts differently. You might decide to split while others to hit. Also, you are not able to see how the game of the rest is developing. Only your cards are visible.

Best live blackjack online casinos provide to their customers Free Bet variant. It was developed in 2012 and is slowly turning into gamblers’ favorite. You can benefit from 2 new features. Firstly, you can double-down on 9s, 10s, and Aces for free. And will get double winnings if you succeed. On the other hand, you are risking only the size of the initial wager. Furthermore, you can make free splits on every pair excluding only the 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

If you are a high-roller and wish to play live blackjack online then look for the VIP tables. There are plenty of options available and some bookmakers accept stakes of a few thousand dollars. In addition, if you prefer an elegant style, native-speaking dealers, and single-player preference search for the Salon Prive section. (690)

Speed Live Blackjack

Many players rely on the live blackjack real money websites to provide the excitement trill land-based structures can’t. You might wish to make multiple small stakes instead of a few big ones. If so, then the action speed is also an important factor to consider. And here comes the blackjack Evolution Gaming opportunity. They created a lot of intriguing game variations. Including the fascinating and super-fast “Speed live blackjack” table. Played rounds per hour are now increased by 30 to 40%. It’s definitely worth checking out!


The live blackjack game is a phenomenon among all casino games. Gamblers loved it so much that gaming companies chose it for a pilot game in the first-launched online casinos. Nowadays, you can find thousands of mobile applications that grant you instant access. Just remember to be a responsible player!

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