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It’s Possible to Travel While Still Saving Money and Here’s How to Do It

Traveling is a great way to relax and explore the things around you. It’s not just good for the mind but it also lets you learn more about different cultures and make memories.

However, traveling also means you have to pay for the experience. For that reason, many people feel daunted to travel. But, did you know that you can still save money even if you travel? Here are some tricks you can do.

Watch Out for Airline Promos

If you’re traveling in a different region or country, one of the most expensive things you need to spend on is your plane tickets. But, fret not. To save money on your plane tickets, what you can do is wait for airline promos.

Airlines usually offer cheaper flights, especially during holidays. They sometimes offer flash deals. If you’re lucky, you can even score tickets that are half of their original price. So, keep an eye on your favorite airline.

Collect Travel Points

If you’re a frequent traveler, another way to save money when traveling is to collect travel points. According to travel connoisseurs from Find Your American Dream, you can do that if you get the right credit cards. This is because banks these days offer huge sign-up bonuses and bonus points every time you use your credit card.

Eating out can earn you big rewards too. However, you have to dine at your bank’s partnered restaurant to earn points. But, don’t forget to use them right away as they have expirations too.

Travel Off-Season

To save on your airfare, you should also travel off-season as this is when prices are much lower, which leaves you with a bigger budget to spend on other important things for your vacation.

Aside from the benefit of being able to cut back on your budget, traveling off-season also lets you enjoy the place more as there are fewer tourists. You can also take better pictures without worrying about photobombers. This lets you have more chances to meet the locals too and learn more about the place.

Book Ahead

Booking ahead is yet another great way to save money even when you’re traveling. With this, it’s easier to find cheaper deals – be it in hotels, tours, or transportation. Plane tickets are one of the best examples of why you should book ahead. Because, apparently, plane tickets become more expensive as the actual day of your flight nears.

Booking your activities and flights ahead will also make it easier for you to plan your trip better, so you can make the most out of your trip.

Skip the Hotels

When traveling, hotels are one of the first options that come to anyone’s mind when it comes to accommodation. This is only ideal, though, for travelers who don’t plan to do anything and just want to relax all day in their hotel room, taking in the views from their accommodation.

But, if you plan on exploring a place more and have plotted various activities, it would be better to skip the hotels. Instead, rent cheaper lodgings such as Airbnb. You’re not going to stay long in your accommodation anyway, so why splurge on it? As long as it’s clean, safe, and comfortable to sleep in, you’re good to go.


Many tourists often opt for car rentals when traveling. It’s understandable, though, as it’s much more convenient. But, if you’re on a limited budget, why not walk?

Aside from the fact that walking is a good exercise, walking also saves you money. The best part of it is that you can get to explore the location more than riding a taxi or any other form of transportation. If you’re lucky, you might even find hole-in-the-wall restaurants and other Instagram-worthy spots.

Skip High-End Restaurants

There’s no denying how superb everything at high-end restaurants is – from the service, food, and even to the ambiance of the place. But, if you’re traveling o a budget, it’s not ideal to dine in restaurants like this.

Instead, try out the locally-owned restaurants to taste authentic dishes. You can also explore the local markets or anywhere where you eat what the locals eat. It’s not just a great gastronomical experience but doing this will also help you learn more about the place’s culture.

Keep an Eye on Free-Admission Days

Museums, galleries, libraries, and other tourist sites also offer free admission days, especially during holidays. Thus, take advantage of this opportunity too.

Traveling doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank just to enjoy yourself. If you know where to look, you’ll surely find great deals to save money as you travel.

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