Tuesday, October 4

Is It Worth to Actually Rent a Coffee Machine?

 Coffee is an essential part of everybody’s day. Because it has the power to wake people up, improve their focus, and in general, put people in a better mood, it has also become quite convenient for any company to have a coffee machine on their premises. This ensures that the employees all get their much-needed coffee fix and are energized and ready to start a new day.

However, the question remains on whether buying a coffee machine is worth it, or whether renting it is a better deal? In order to answer this question and help you figure it out here are a few aspects to consider: 


One of the main advantages of renting a coffee machine in comparison to buying one is the flexibility it offers. Instead of doing extensive research and figuring out which coffee machine is perfect for your employee’s usage and taste, you can allow yourself to get the recommendations from the rental provider and figure out what you need with time.

If you feel your employees are not using it as much or that you need an upgrade, you’ll be able to get one easily without worrying about how to sell your coffee machine or the amount of money you’ll lose in the process.


If you live in Australia, chances are you spend a lot of money on coffee each day. When having a coffee machine in your office, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less. However, reviews from PureBean indicate that many people tend to rent coffee machines instead of buying them. That’s because it’s not only worth renting a coffee machine in terms of price, but also allows you to get a coffee machine that is relevant to the usage of your staff.

If you find your staff not drinking enough coffee, you could exchange it for a smaller one making it quite worth it. While buying a coffee machine is a large sum that you pay off once, it’s a cost you’ll have to pay again when deciding to buy a new one or upgrade your coffee machine, making it more worth it to actually rent on the long term.


Another important factor to consider is maintenance. When renting a machine, your provider will be in charge of maintenance and ensuring that everything is running smoothly with your coffee machine. However, if you own your own coffee machine, you’ll only be able to undergo maintenance and fixes while it’s still in the warranty period and then you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

While renting a coffee machine, you’ll have scheduled checkups to guarantee that it’s working well and that you can easily call someone to come fix your problem when it occurs without having to worry.

 One-stop shop

A coffee machine is quite useless on its own, but you still need to buy beans, flavors, and other things that make it all come together. When you rent a coffee machine from a vendor or provider, you’ll be supplied with everything you need together without having to think about where to purchase them. It will be pretty simple to re-stock and make sure you always have the right portion of supplies based on your needs or based on the contract making the whole process a lot easier.

However, when buying a coffee machine, while the machine itself can sometimes not be very expensive depending on the type of machine you get, you could end up paying large sums for the beans, capsules, milk, and even cleaning supplies or the running costs of the coffee machine itself. You’ll also have to make sure you stock up yourself and put the extra effort instead of having everything being supplied for you.


Instead of buying a coffee machine for life, renting allows you to get it for a period of time. Let’s say you have an event for a week or switching offices in a few months, you could rent it out for that specific period until you decide what you want to do. However, when buying a coffee machine, it will be a permanent thing which you’ll have to get rid of or find a way to transport when moving offices or are done with it adding in additional costs.

Depending on how long you need your coffee machine for and whether or not you know exactly what you want, the decision to buy or rent a coffee machine will differ. After considering all the above criteria, you can decide which option is best for your company.

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