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Intimidated By Telematics? Read This To Take Your First Step As A Tech Savy Fleet Manager

With the implementation of ELDs and fleet management getting digitized rapidly, a telematics provider for your fleet might sound intimidating to accept.

Any fleet organization demands professional fleet management for better regulation and automation of everyday tasks.

Fleet management software handles the entire life-cycle of commercial vehicles when easing risks, boosting efficiency, enhancing productivity, and assuring compliance with legislation.

Benefits Added By Telematics To Your Fleet

A fleet manager needs to deal with the following areas of expertise when handling a fleet –

  1. Vehicle investment and Purchase
  2. Vehicle Servicing
  3. Health and Well-Being
  4. Fuel Consumption
  5. Driver Behavior Management
  6. Compliance
  7. Controlling Costs
  8. Avoiding information overload

With implementing a digitized telematics provider, you can deal with these responsibilities with the added benefit of automation.

  • Vehicle Investment and Purchase

A fleet manager must monitor changes to vehicle legislation, estimate the suitability of vehicles, negotiate deals with vehicle manufacturers to purchase the ideal vehicle required by the organization.

There are many other factors at play, including fuel consumption, tax, and fleet insurance costs while picking the right vehicle.

When your vehicle’s life approaches its last ages, it might worry you about the resell value and best places to sell it. Thus, a telematics software that can allocate budgets effectively is what you need.

A telematics provider can present you with insights on how to deal with all such problems, such as guiding you about the resale price or suggesting methods to save fuel and lessen the tax burden on your vehicle.

  • Vehicle Servicing

You can fund the maintenance program of vehicles in your fleet internally through your resources or outsourced, as per the size of the cost-benefit analysis.

A fleet manager ensures that he thoroughly conducts vehicle checks to comply with legislation. Such inspection includes a daily walk-around check, pre-purchase vehicle inspections, regular maintenance checks, and to fix the reported defects.

A telematics provider can help you track all the maintenance issues, reveal any faults, and present vehicle health while being in transit. This data can put you a notch ahead while servicing your fleet.

Samsara is the leader in Industrial IoT. Their mission is to enhance the efficiency, safety, as-well-as sustainability of the operations that power the economy.

It is important to understand more about telematics and all the perks it can provide you and your fleet as a system widely employed for fleet management.

  • Health and Well-Being

The fleet manager has to ensure that any accidents or mishappenings are taken care of and take steps to avoid them.

Your fleet needs instantaneous reporting procedures to help drivers deal with an accident by keeping in mind insurance reporting procedures to handle claims efficiently.

A fleet manager must develop as-well-as implement health and safety policy and make sure that drivers update their health records to mitigate the risks of accidents in the fleet.

A telematics provider keeps track of your vehicle in real-time via fleet tracking feature and preserves the credential records of drivers to avoid any mishappenings.

  • Fuel Consumption 

With cost-saving for a fleet manager comes the challenge of rising fuel costs and mismanagement on the road.

The drivers often over-speed while either getting late or being in a rush to complete the job. Some drivers keep their vehicles running on idle while waiting at a traffic signal or making a quick stop.

An effective fleet manager must review all the options available to see which type of fuel to choose.

A telematics provider can guide you on the fuel to prefer, its pros and cons, as-well-as help you decide the fleet vehicles that would best suit your line of work.

Along with this, the software can also provide insights about fuel management by rendering the ability to track vehicles and predicting the most cost-effective routes.

  • Driver Behavior Management

Telematics solutions offer a dashcam installation in the cabin of your vehicle that records the entire route traversed by the driver, providing meaningful data to the fleet manager about the behavior of the driver and tour progress.

A telematics provider informs the driver if he crosses the speed limits and even instructs him to turn off the engine while in idle. These practices can keep a driver from getting outrageous on the road.

A telematics provider can automate such tasks that monitor the driver’s behavior and instruct him to abide by the rules in case he goes astray.

  • Compliance 

As a fleet manager, you must execute and appropriately document compliance and fleet risk management.

Compliance ensures that thorough intellect is available on each automobile for auditing purposes or when dealing with an accident.

A telematics provider can be handy in keeping track of all the information about the vehicle, the driver, and also track the tour progress in real-time by providing notifications about the latest developments.

Samsara provides you with a better idea of what is GPS, how to install it in your fleet vehicles and monitor them in real-time.

  • Controlling Costs 

Controlling and reducing costs is a very crucial step for numerous fleet organizations. Fleet Managers must review the relevant information regarding their fleet and conclude areas for improvement.

The analyzed data can include statistics about cutting vehicle purchase costs, reviewing fuel consumption, and also monitoring driver behavior.

A telematics provider can maintain a conclusive record of all data, suggest ways to reduce fuel consumption, and recommend efficient ways to sustain the healthy functioning of the fleet.

  • Avoiding Information Overload 

Fleets generate profuse amounts of data for the fleet manager, and only some parts of it matter. It becomes tedious to filter out the redundant data from insightful information.

These massive chunks of data can be time-consuming and can lead to you missing out on relevant knowledge. To keep track of such vast information, you need to invest more time and money.

A telematics provider can sort through the redundant information swiftly and produce reports on the areas you desire to review.

Final Words

As a fleet manager, you must take your fleet business to the next level by investing in the right telematics provider.

You need to choose a provider that can handle your fleet better and ensure an efficient mode of operation.

Telematics solutions can solve the majority of your problems as it works with efficiency by providing you with all the insightful data needed and suggest better alternatives to various deterrents.

You must choose a decent telematics provider to handle both management and costs and thus let your business thrive.

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