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10 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Should Employ Today’s Students

Marketing is a truly powerful, impactful, and effective tool that businesses use to go forward. The aim is to get the audience’s attention and build lasting relationships with customers.

Its history goes back to the 19th century, and since then it has evolved several times. From newspapers and TV-commercials till what we call today digital and content marketing. So, what is it like, today’s advertising and why a modern student is a perfect candidate for such work?

Here are 10 reasons why marketing agencies should employ today’s students. 

Students Produce Media

To recognize the needs of customers, agencies go online. If you take a look at statistics and check the most active users on the internet, you’ll see that 90% of the young generation uses social media. They are not only getting the information but also enjoy sharing their experience: 

Storytelling has become the tool to reach the audience, if you’re a student and want to start blogging, but have to learn subjects, which have nothing to do with your target skills, address EssayHub essay writing help. This service provides ready essays, written by professionals. Social media literacy has become an essential part of today’s business promotion, so don’t miss your chance to embrace it.

Critical Thinking

Modern education is practicing student-centered learning, where he or she is more important than a teacher. Teachers tend to ask questions and let students discover the answers. This leads to the essential skills they get: investigating, searching, analyzing, questioning. Today’s learner is used to loads of information and ready to get the most of it.

Marketing agencies are looking for active employees who are willing to stay up-to-date in our changing world. Flexible minds of learners are a good fit, that will have a positive impact on a company.

Social Skills

Students are constantly around people. Whether they want it or not, they have to deal with others: peers, professors, family. Their social life brings them nice communicative skills and the ability to work in a team. A marketing agency isn’t about individuals, it’s about sharing, commenting, advising.

Learners are friendly and get on well with others. They have a positive mindset and will to reach an agreement with others.

photo source: https://unsplash.com/photos/yktK2qaiVHI

Students Like Bloggers

Bloggers take the vast part in marketing and businesses know about it. Customers like someone who they can relate to; who they find loyal and trustworthy. More than half of consumers would recommend their purchase if they bought it from a blogger. Hootsuit Youtube statistics states that Youtube will make 5.5 billion in advertising revenue in 2020.

81% of the young generation in the US use Youtube, and students love it. They follow bloggers, admire them, and become bloggers themselves. It’s been with them since childhood, they know how it works, know the trends, who’s popular and who’s out of fashion. They’ll bring valuable information which will make up for more effective work.

Technology Literacy

One of the major skills of the 21st century is technology literacy. Whether it is a smartphone, a laptop, the internet, you should know at least the basics to lead your life. Digital marketing in particular requires high awareness of technologies, as it is tightly bound with the job.

An average student has at least three devices and can discover and implement useful features of it. They make the most of apps and embrace new technologies faster than older generations. At the end of the day, millennials were “born with a smartphone in their hand”.

Career Prospects

Going to college, students visualize their future careers. They’re ambitious, active, and open-minded. Willing to reach success in their profession, students are ready to learn, work hard, generate ideas, and be innovative. So, what they’re looking for is a good mentor who will walk them through the marketing world and teach new skills that will lead students to better career prospects.

Today’s talented learners who make the grade can become future in-demand recruits. So, it always has a beneficial effect, to hire a fresh employee, train them, so they stay loyal to your company for many years.


Since it’s going to be this person’s first job experience, they are ready to adapt to the company’s principles. Embrace new knowledge, acquire new skills without criticizing or doubting the decisions of an agency. He or she’s ready to be taught, take all tasks, and stay flexible to the needs of a team.


Students know how difficult it is to get a job, so they’re eager to work harder, bring ideas to the table, and stay active, to stack up well against their peers. They are not overwhelmed by financial or family responsibilities, so they seek out an opportunity to do work efficiently and stand out. They’re ready to take risks, work on new projects, and are not afraid to experiment.


“Creativity is the single most important skill in the world.” – LinkedIn Learning. Today’s schools encourage learner’s ability to think outside the box. Students develop this skill throughout their life: work on projects, collaborate with peers, take up hobbies, go online, and create content.

The permanent team may have got used to daily approaches they apply, but a newcomer may bring a fresh vision, representing an issue from a different perspective. Marketers welcome a creative mindset and seek a candidate, who can solve problems and deal with tasks in a new way.


Whether it’s a marketing agency or any other, high energy and positive vibes are always welcome. The young generation has pockets of pep and ready to share it with the team. Several students may change the environment and motivate others to work more enthusiastically.

One more reason for it, is that more experienced recruits should be a role model for newcomers, teach them, train, show an example. It improves communication in a company, moreover, students may ask unexpected questions which will encourage others to find the answers and discover things, which they’ve never thought about before. 

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