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How to Deal with an Overheated Electric Motor

All electric motors have their predetermined life span. However, the life span is largely dependent on the right kind of maintenance. Without enough maintenance, they are likely to break down much quicker. An overheated motor can cause a lot of problems and is one of the main causes of machinery breakdown. What causes motors to overheat and how can this be prevented?

What can cause motors to overheat/overload?

Understanding why an electric motor may be overheating is as important as actually fixing the issue. Unless you fully comprehend what went wrong, you may find yourself dealing with the same problem again and again.

How can you tell if a motor is actually overheated?

It may be difficult to tell if a motor is actually overheated or if something else is causing the problem. Before you try to fix it, make sure you are 100% sure that heat has caused it to stop working properly. Global Electronic Services, Inc. offers the following advice when being confronted with a motor that stops working:

  • Use a thermostat to check if the temperature of the motor is too high which makes it unsafe to use. You don’t need to use a fancy thermostat to do this. A simple one is often enough. 
  • Some motors may include a thermal reset button, which can be a fast and effective way to check if your motor is too hot. 
  • If you frequently work with machinery and need to be able to rely on motors to be repaired quickly, you may want to invest in some tools. They can help you determine if high temperatures are the problem. A forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera is also a quick way to test the temperatures.

How can this issue be prevented?

The right equipment can prevent a motor from damages due to excessive heat. A great way to do this is to use an overload relay. The role of relay is to protect the motor from overloading and overheating. If this occurs, the relay then deactivates the motor until the issue can be resolved. Some overload relays can also be developed into microprocessor systems.

There are many different kinds of relays available for various kinds of motors, so make sure to choose the right device for your motor. Once you have applied it, you can use the motor much more confidently, without having to worry as much about what can happen if too much heat builds up. Of course, damages can still occur, but tools such as relays can make life a whole lot easier if used correctly. 

Electric motors overheat for many different reasons. Understanding the problem will allow you to save time and get back to work quickly. 

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