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How to Check Who Blocked You on (Twitter)? (Updated 2024)

Being banned is one of the most unpleasant things in the world, and it’s made much more terrible when it happens on an engaging network like (formerly Twitter).

Blocking on X, like all other major social networking sites, is a stealthy affair, making it much more difficult to detect when it occurs. 

So, to assist you, we’ll explain how to check whether someone has blocked you and what can be done!! 

What Does It Mean To Get Blocked On

X’s blocking system differs from those of other networks. Blocking someone on Facebook prevents you from discussing them anywhere on the network. 

X( Twitter), on the other hand, will allow you to tweet to them but will not notify them that you have tweets pending for them. 

  • The most apparent consequence of blocking is that you no longer see the tweets of the person who blocked you. Their tweets will no longer appear in your stream or in the comments section of other tweets.
  • Similarly, Twitter no longer sends you alerts when someone blocks you. This includes whether or not they’ve reacted to something you’re following, even if you previously received tweet alerts from them.
  • You can send direct messages to someone who has blocked you on X, but they will not receive them.

Will You Be Notified If Someone Blocks You On Twitter?

As previously said, blocking on X or Twitter is a very subtle operation in which caution is essential. So, if a user decides to take a vacation from your Twitter pranks by blocking you, X will not alert you. 

There will be no way for you to know whether a person has blocked you on the platform unless you properly look into it.

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Why Do People Get Blocked On X?

  • To begin, many people tend to block others with whom they disagree. You might have expressed an opinion that they disagree with and blocked you because they do not wish to debate your thoughts. 
  • While this is not the most excellent strategy to cope with speech, only some people wish to join online arguments.
  • Second, some people ban any X account whose content offends them. This might range from providing damaging links without trigger warnings to supporting celebrities whose appearances have been canceled.
  • Finally, you might have just upset someone, and they opted to block you rather than confront you.

How To Check Whether You Have Been Blocked Or Muted?

To see if you are muted, open the tweet deck and create a home column for the person you believe has muted you.

If you don’t appear there, you’re muted. You can also send a tweet to confirm.

The disadvantage is that you will have to create distinct home columns for each individual to determine whether you are muted.

Also, if you message the person you believe has muted, you can confirm your suspicions.

If the individual responds to your message, it indicates that they have not muted you; nevertheless, if your broadcast goes unheard, another person has likely muted you.

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How To Check Who Blocked You On

People who would block you on X are unlikely to be random – they must have mutual accounts with you. 

So, first, discover a person who is the suspected blocker. We have listed ways to find who might have blocked you on 

Visit Their Profile

The first approach requires using the search function. 

  • Go to the search bar and type in the name of the person you’re looking for. 
  • Put a question mark next to their username. 
  • If you visit their profile, you may notice the following message: “You are obstructed. You are unable to follow or view [username]’s Tweets.”

This implies you’ve been blocked!! 

Look At the following 

Checking their following list is another approach to discovering who blocked you on X. If you can’t see their followers, they’ve either blocked you or made their account private.

Try To Follow Them

You can also follow the user. If you see a notification saying, “You are not authorized to view this user’s tweets,” it shows that the user has blocked you. 

Use A New Account

Another odd method for determining who blocked you on Twitter is to create a new account and then follow the other user. If you succeed, you’ll know they’ve blocked you.

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How To See How Many People Have Blocked You On Twitter?

While there is no way to acquire a full “list of people who blocked me on Twitter,” you can know how many individual accounts have blocked you.

Blolook is a third-party service that displays the total number of individuals who have blocked you. This is an excellent method to see whether anyone has blocked you and if whatever you’ve written has caused many people to block you.

Follow these steps to utilize Blolook:

  • Navigate to the Blolook website.
  • Connect to Twitter using Blolook and “Authorize” the app.

Blolook will then provide you with three figures:

  • Blocking accounts or the amount of Twitter users that have blocked you 
  • Mutual blocks, or the number of Twitter users who have blocked you and those who have blocked you.
  • Accounts that you’ve blocked or the quantity of Twitter profiles that you’ve blocked

Can I See Specifically Who Blocked Me On

You can’t precisely “see who blocked me on X,” unfortunately!! But you can check individually for specific accounts that have blocked you based on your suspicions, or you can see how many people have blocked you overall using the two techniques described above.

How To Get Someone To Unblock You On

Unfortunately, if you discover who blocked you on Twitter, there is no direct means to request that you be unblocked.

When someone blocks you on Twitter, you are unable to contact them. However, there are a few options for being unblocked on Twitter.

Try Interacting With Them

Even if Twitter does not enable you to engage with accounts blocking you, you can try contacting the individual through a familiar friend.

If you have mutual friends who can help you resolve the disagreement, they can contact the individual on your behalf. 

You can also request an explanation for the blocking, or at least try reaching a compromise, or explain the matter from your point of view!! 

Contact The Person Using Alternative Ways

Even if you cannot interact with the accounts blocking you on X, you can contact them on other social media platforms. You can use online platforms to seek an explanation and request that you be unblocked on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

When you know the answer to the question “Who has blocked me on X?” it might be tempting to approach the person who put you on their Twitter block list. You could look for their alternate social media platforms or ask a Twitter buddy to write them a direct message on your behalf.

However, unless you know them in person, you should usually accept that someone has blocked you and not try to bother them.  

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