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How Long Should you run on a Treadmill to Lose Belly Fat

Are you looking for options to help you get rid of belly fat? If so, running on a treadmill could offer you the best solution to your problem. Overweight people prefer running on a treadmill since it is gentle on the joints and a perfect alternative for outdoor running. 

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Many people may wonder how long they should run on a treadmill to burn belly fat. There are various factors you must bring into consideration when using the treadmill for losing belly fat. Read through this article to know all about it so that you can start burning calories as soon as possible!

Does Running On A Treadmill Help In Losing Belly Fat?

Running on a treadmill is one of the best exercises that offers you various health benefits and helps in staying fit. It plays a key role in maintaining your weight and toning your body. 

But, if you want to lose belly fat fast, only running may not be enough for you. You may need to incorporate other strategies into your running routine to achieve the goal of weight loss.

  • Running At High Intensity: If you want to lose weight, running at an intense speed will produce better results. It will help you burn belly fat much faster and in less time.
  • Intensity Variation: As you develop your stamina running at high intensity, it is time for you to incorporate intensity variations into your workout routine. You may run at a high speed for five or ten minutes and then reduce your speed for a few minutes and repeat it.

How Long Should You Run On A Treadmill To Lose Belly Fat?

Running for as long as you can on a treadmill will help you reduce fat within a few weeks. But to be more precise, you must run for at least thirty minutes on a treadmill daily. You will start seeing results within a short period after regular running sessions. 

Furthermore, running and walking for 30 minutes not only help burn fat but also boost your metabolism for two days. Consequently, you can burn fat in less time.

It also improves your sleep, increases your energy levels, and reduces anxiety and depression. All these benefits make running an ideal exercise to add to your workout routine.

However, there are other factors you must consider before stepping on a treadmill. Undoubtedly, running will help you lose fat, but make sure you consider some crucial aspects for using the treadmill efficiently:

  • Heart Rate:

Every treadmill machine has a heart rate monitor, allowing you to monitor your heart rate while working out. Know that increase in heart rate indicates burning of fat. Your heart rate should be around 60%-85% to burn maximum fat in your body.

  • Calorie Intake:

Simply running on a treadmill will not help you burn belly fat. You must monitor the number of calories you take and burn every day. Reducing your calorie intake will expedite the process of burning belly fat.

  • Stay Cautious:

You may put yourself at high risk for injuries if you run more than your physical strength. As a beginner, you must start slow and run at a slow pace. You may increase your speed as you develop your stamina and physical fitness.  

  • Listen To Your Body:

It is essential to listen to your body during workouts. If your body is getting exhausted, it is an indication to stop and give your body some rest. Running daily for at least thirty minutes is sufficient enough to achieve your goal of fat burning. 

Remember, do not run more than 45 minutes on a treadmill. Going beyond this mark slows down fat burning, making your effort go in vain.

Bottom Line

All in all, running on a treadmill will surely help you burn calories and get rid of belly fat. Add this incredible exercise to your workout routine to gain maximum benefits out of it. It offers multiple long-term health benefits and brings your body into perfect shape. 

Treadmill simulates the outdoor running experience that makes it ideal for burning fat. However, remember to consider other factors that lead to effective use of a treadmill, helping you to burn fat within a few weeks. So, hop on the treadmill to embark on your calorie-burning journey today!

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