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How Do Most Alabama Car Accidents Happen?

For many people in the state of Alabama, driving a car on a daily basis is a necessity. In most situations, drivers are going to be safe and cautious when they are behind the wheel.

However, there are situations in which mistakes are made or poor conditions lead to an accident. If you are involved in an accident, it can result in damage to your vehicle or even physical injuries. It is important to understand the most likely causes of vehicle accidents are. There are several situations in particular that are more likely to lead to a car accident.

Driving While Distracted

One of the most common reasons for a vehicle accident is because one or both of the drivers involved are distracted. When someone is behind the wheel of a car, they should be completely focused on the road in front of them.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and the rate of distracted drivers has continued to increase over the past decade due to the prominence of mobile technology. Many drivers today make the mistake of looking at their phone, playing with the radio, or having phone conversations when they should be trying to drive safely. As traffic moves quite quickly, looking away from the road for just a few seconds is enough to cause an accident if you are not prepared.

Poor Weather Conditions

In the state of Alabama and other places across the country, the weather continues to have a big impact on driving safety. Even experienced drivers can have challenges responding to changes in the weather. This could result in people driving fast while the roads are wet, covered in ice or snow, or have decreased visibility.

At the same time, other drivers on highways may go slower than they normally would. This can result in significant variability in road driving speeds, which causes hazards for everyone. Due to this, the rate of vehicle accidents tends to be higher during bad storms and other poor weather situations.

Driving While Intoxicated

The use of drugs and alcohol can impair someone’s judgement and slow their reflexes and responses. Due to this, all states have strict rules in place regarding driving while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, there continues to be a lot of people that ignore the law and go onto the road when they shouldn’t. Because of this, the rate of accidents involving intoxicated drivers continues to be high and many of these accidents result in significant damages. Instead, all drivers should look for a safe alternative to get home instead of driving themselves.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Even if someone is completely sober when they are behind the wheel, they could still be aggressive and drive faster than they should. All roadways in the state of Alabama have set speed limits that should be followed at all times.

These limits are set to ensure that people have plenty of time to slow down if they notice traffic is backed up or the vehicle in front of them suddenly stops. Those that speed and drive recklessly will not have the same time to react and the risk of causing an accident is higher. Some other examples of reckless driving can include switching lanes too frequently, tailgating the car in front of you, or ignoring traffic lights and signs.


While most people start driving a car when they are a teenager, it can take time to fully understand all rules and responsibilities. Furthermore, lack of experience can also make it hard to understand how to respond in last-minute and unpredictable situations. As drivers gain experience over time, they tend to be safer, more cautious, and develop an intuition of how to predict the movements of other drivers on the road.

Road Conditions

Beyond the impact of bad weather, the condition of a road can impact your ability to drive safely and could result in accidents. If the road is under construction, it can create hazards that result in accidents. Additionally, potholes, debris on the road, and other hazards in the way will cause certain driving actions that can cause accidents.

Receive Legal Support Following Accident

If you are involved in any type of accident, the most important thing to do is to first ensure that everyone is OK and that you are in a safe position. Once everyone has received proper medical attention and you and your vehicle are in a safe location, you should reach out to a Mobile car accident attorney. An auto accident can result in significant damages, and you will want to ensure that you are properly represented following the collision.

Your attorney can provide you with a variety of very important services including consultation and review of your case, deliberations with insurance companies and the other driver in the accident, and even full support during any further civil or criminal proceedings. The team with Caldwell, Wenzel, and Asthana can offer you a range of services that will ensure you receive the legal support needed to ensure your rights are properly represented.

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