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How To Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

Although the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities are on the decline, they are still very common and mainly occur at junctions in roads. Some of the ways in which motorcyclists can avoid these are listed below.

Bends On Country Roads

Most motorcyclists will have likely done their training within an urban setting in a town or city. However, this means that they have very little if any experience of riding on rural, country roads, which come with a range of challenges of their own. As a result, many motorcycle accidents on these types of roads occur on left-turning bends. To avoid these, make sure that you approach the bend at the right speed and angle for a safe exit out of it.


This is an effective and completely legal way of making your way through traffic that is slow-moving or even stationary. When performing this maneuver, it is important to travel at an appropriate speed (nothing greater than 20 mph). Filtering should not be performed at junctions unless there are no cars coming out of the junction. When filtering and having an accident, it may be determined that you were partly at fault for the collision. This is why all motorcyclists need to take great care when filtering through traffic.

Crashes At Junctions

It is at road junctions where motorcyclists are at their most vulnerable. This is because car drivers find it difficult to correctly judge the speed of approaching motorcycles, thus underestimating their time of arrival. This is why motorcyclists should always ride in a defensive manner at all times in order to avoid this.

Lack Of Control 

The main reasons why motorcyclists experience a lack or total loss of control are because of other vehicles on the road and poor road conditions, such as pot holes etc. Avoiding collisions where a vehicle hits you in the rear end is actually very difficult for a motorcyclist to do, especially at a junction or a roundabout. Where the poor road conditions cause you to lose control of your motorcycle, contact both the local authority and the police to make them aware of the issue. 


This is a basic skill for any motorcyclist but does require you to accurately judge distance and speed, as well as understand the full capabilities of the motorcycle that you are riding. Due to the acceleration rate of most motorcycles, they can overtake much faster than any other type of vehicle can. Overtaking should be avoided when nearing a bend, a junction, the brow of a hill, or a dip in the road.

Should you head this information, then your chances of experiencing an accident whilst out on your motorcycle will be greatly diminished. If in the unfortunate case you are still involved in an accident and it was not your fault, then you may want to appoint a personal injury attorney, such as the likes of brooksville motorcycle accident attorney in Brooksville, Florida, to help with your case and get the compensation that you are entitled to.

Last but not least, one of the most important but easiest ways to keep yourself safe, shall an accident happen, is to always wear a helmet. Make sure you find one that is high quality and safe. There are helmets for both men and women and in all kinds of different designs. If you’re a woman and want something sporty, you may opt for a Women’ Dirt Bike Helmet. If you’re a man riding a more classic bike, you may want a helmet with a vintage-inspired design.

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