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Car Accidents in Winter Season – Causes and More

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Winter is approaching and so are the worries associated with it. No one is trying to paint a gloomy picture here. However, one cannot deny the fact that this season comes with a plethora of uncertainties. It is not just dry skins and cold issues that set in with winter. There are more serious and life-threatening problems that sweep in at this point of the year. One such is unpredictable crashes due to weather-related conditions.

Here are some of the causes of car collisions in winter. Preparing yourself for it and driving after considering these points will keep many motor accident-related problems at bay.


Collision fatalities are on a rise during the winter season and one of the major causes for it is rain. Irregular yet constant drizzles not only make the roads more slippery but also enhance your problems with low visibility. Driving in such conditions is a challenge in its own way. Standing water is another issue that makes way, thereby reducing the chances of your safety while driving.


If rain was giving you a headache then fog comes as a topping on the cake for you. Oh, this is not a cliché. It really adds your persisting problems to another level. The circumstances become such that you end up looking for exceptionally talented car accident attorneys. The probability of increased car collisions is a major reason behind this. Fog-related accidents are hard to avoid with the dipping of temperature.


There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic for hours due to constant snowfall. You can’t avoid your necessary work and you are bound to drive a car. In such circumstances, the issues aggravate when you consume alcohol while driving. On icy roads, the chances of collision are too high. You need to ascertain that you do not take any risks when traveling on the roadways that are covered with snow.

As of now, you must have got an idea about the causes that lead you to accidents. Now, it is time to throw some light on the types of road accidents common in winter:

Spin-out Crashes

The chances of losing control over your four-wheeler are high during the winter season. This can lead to spin-out crashes which can have an adverse effect on you. When your car spins then it becomes dangerous. You can land in the hospital if things go out of hand. Further, you may hit other vehicles that can land you in legal complications too.

Lane-changing Accidents

Snowstorms are always full of hazards. It can drift your lane and can cause an accident that you didn’t expect. Such types of collisions can also be created by others as multiple vehicle crashes are not an uncommon thing during the cold season. A vehicle may hit the ice and can drift, thereby creating a ruckus. These are mostly unavoidable issues. So, you need to be prepared for bearing its consequences beforehand.

Understeer Skidding

Another worry of a snowy day is understeer skidding. This is not an easy thing to handle. In such circumstances, you are advised to put your foot away from the gas and can put it to apply brake in a gentle way. Do this as smoothly as possible and move the steering in the direction you want to head to.  This way you may avoid skidding as much as possible.

Wheel Spinning

The spinning of wheels is something again which happens frequently during icy roads. Accelerating too fast results in it and can have dangerous implications. You must keep such situations at bay. You are suggested to avoid acceleration until the tires of your car gain back the traction. That is why it is always considered better to test the gripping of your car before hitting the road in winter.

How to stay safe during winter?

Life is uncertain and bad things do happen. You cannot really get rid of it. Nevertheless, you may stay safe during winter by ensuring you do not do anything that can enhance the risk of accidents. You just need to remember the following points:

  • Step out of home only when necessary
  • Check the grip of your car tires before heading out
  • Avoid driving on wet roads
  • Try to stay home during a snowstorm
  • Keep a regular check on the weather forecast
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Avoid usage of any illegal drug while driving
  • Try to follow all the traffic rules


Some things are predestined and can’t be avoided in life but there are things which can be. Accidents happen to all people but how you handle it shapes the consequences for you. Therefore, you must try to take precautions that can ensure you remain safe while driving. However, if still any collision takes place then inform the authority and seek legal help as soon as possible.

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