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Highster Mobile: A Detailed Overview

Highster Mobile is a cell phone monitoring software or some may call it a “spy app”. It is an app that allows you to monitor the activities of a specific device and for you to know what the user of that device is up to. Highster Mobile is compatible with Android and iPhones and jailbreak will be required for Highster Mobile to work.

This app is designed for parents to monitor their children’s cell phone activities and for employers to monitor the activities of their employees. Parents are always worried about their children’s safety and since cyberbullying is happening very often, it is only natural for parents to be worried about their children’s safety using their devices. With the use of Highster Mobile, parents are able to monitor and protect their children secretly.

For employers that are wondering if their employees are actually productive during work, Highster Mobile is also an app designed for employers to track that. Employers will be relieved knowing that employees are using their work-issued devices to do work-related stuff rather than spending their time surfing non-work-related content.

Legality issues will be raised when it comes to monitoring other people’s activities on their devices. Bear in mind, it is not legal to be monitoring/spying on other people’s activities on their devices without the consent of the user. It is considered as violating the user’s privacy which is why it is illegal to install Highster Mobile into other devices without consent. 

However, in some countries, it is legal for parents to monitor their children’s device activities and also for employers to monitor employees’ activities on work-issued devices. It is important for you to check the laws of the state you are in before installing Highster Mobile on your children or employees’ devices. 

Get Started – Secure and Reliable

Highster Mobile can be installed easily into the target device with three simple steps. The first step is to use the OTA method. OTA refers to Over-The-Air, it is a method to download and install the app and it will require you to key in the cell phone number of the device you want to monitor. 

The second step is to activate the app. It is done by entering the license key that you will receive after payment has been made to Highster Mobile. The license key will be issued immediately after payment. 

The last step is to access the device. It can be done by using your cell phone, laptop, or any device with an internet connection to log in to your Highster Mobile account and to start accessing the information that is uploaded from the monitored device. 

After installing the Highster Mobile app, you will be able to access information on the device such as text messages, GPS location, multimedia files, emails, calls, browser history, and many more.

The features that are available in the Highster Mobile app are very complete especially if you are looking to monitor your children’s activities. You will be able to view text messages and emails that are sent and received from the device even if they are deleted. You can also track the sites that the device has visited.

All the Reasons to Get This Spy App

A Great Parental Monitoring App

As a parent, it is highly recommended for you to get this app. Nowadays, cyberbullying is shown to be very common at a wide range of ages and often, children can be too afraid to step up or to look for help from parents or teachers. The results of cyberbullying are detrimental and it is a parents’ responsibility to keep their children safe from any form of harm.

With the Highster Mobile app, you will be able to track your children’s activities on their devices such as text messages, social media, and emails. If in any case, you realize that your children are being cyberbullied in any of those platforms, you can confront your children and help keep them safe. 

You will need this app as a parent as children nowadays tend to spend a lot of time with their devices so it won’t be a surprise when they come across contents that are not meant for their age. With Highster Mobile, you have access to their browsing history so you will be able to find out what they have been searching for and educate them on what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Boost the Working Efficiency of Your Employees

Employers will also find this app very much needed. Since there are likely to be many employees in your company, it is hard for you to keep track of all of your employees being productive during work hours. 

Using the Highster Mobile app, you can track your employees’ activities on the work-issued device and from there see if they are being productive during working hours or if they are doing non-work related stuff on work-issued devices. If you do not wish to check one-by-one, Highster Mobile also allows you to be notified when your employee is using a certain app or searching for non-work-related content. 

As an employer, I believe that you would like to have productive employees that generate sales for you. This is why you need the Highster Mobile app because it can help to encourage employee productivity and for you to filter out employees that are not capable of generating sales.

Personal Use: Track Your Phone’s Location 

If you are looking to install the Highster Mobile app for yourself, it is also highly recommended. Since the Highster Mobile app provides a feature that tracks the device’s GPS location and if by any chance your phone is missing, you will be able to track your phone’s location and retrieve it. 

You will need this app for yourself too if you plan to backup all your files and records of your phone. Multimedia files such as photos and videos are available for viewing in your Highster Mobile app so you do not have to worry about losing it and you can access it anytime by logging in to your Highster Mobile account. 

As a parent, employer, and even for yourself, you will need this app for all the good reasons and Highster Mobile will not disappoint. 

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