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Which Type of Car is Better for your Car Service to Houston Airport

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Car service to the airport enables you to enjoy your trip, without the stress of catching your flight. When you go for a service like this, you know that a driver is going to wait for you at the airport. Moreover, the driver will come to pick up from your hotel at the right time, so that you don’t have to wait aimlessly at the airport. 

Now that you have decided on hiring a Car Service to airport, you have probably browsed a couple of websites. Every company has a diverse fleet and this means that you are left wondering which type of car you should choose. The following information will help you make this decision quickly. 

Sedan Cars

A very popular and luxurious choice is that of a Sedan car. This comfortable vehicle is the most suitable if you are visiting Houston for business. The Sedan is a magnificent choice if you are aiming for a lasting first impression. A black car that cannot go unnoticed, the Sedan is the perfect vehicle for corporate executives. It features luxurious amenities that will make transportation practical and memorable. Namely, in every Sedan car, you will find Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, making it the perfect choice for car service to the airport.

Popular cars in this category are the Lincoln CONTINENTAL, the Cadillac CT6, the BWM 5 Series, and the Mercedes-Benz E-CLASS. All of them are impressive cars with lush finishes that are sure to catch everyone’s eye. 

The Sedan car can comfortably transport up to 4 passengers. Moreover, it has enough room to carry 3 suitcases and 3 carry-on bags. 

SUV Cars

Another popular choice for you is to book an SUV car. This car is more spacious than the Sedan and this is for many people the deciding factor. In an SUV car, you will have comfortable transportation with plenty of legroom. Meanwhile, this comfortable car has all the amenities that you find in any luxurious vehicle, like Wi-Fi and electrical outlets. Whether you are traveling with colleagues, executives, or family, the SUV gives you enough space to enjoy a pleasant trip. For this reason, you should go for this choice if you are looking for a car service to the airport for a business or a family trip.

Popular cars in the SUV category are the Hyundai Tucson, Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, the GMC Yukon XL, and the Lincoln Navigator XL. The SUV car can transport up to 6 passengers and carry 4 suitcases and 4 carry-on bags. This is a great choice if you want an impressive and safe vehicle for your transportation to Houston airport.

Sprinter Vans

Lastly, if you are traveling to Houston with a team of colleagues or friends, then a sprinter van is the ideal option for you. The Mercedes-Benz sprinter van is a vehicle that will offer you a relaxing trip to downtown Houston. With enough space for 12 passengers, 12 suitcases, and 12 carry-on bags, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The professional driver will load your luggage and bring you safely to your destination. 

At Lavish Ride, you will find the best car service to the airport in Houston. Their fleet includes luxurious cars that guarantee your comfort and safety. 

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