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Greengeeks VPS Review – How do They Stack up Against the Competition?

Setting up your own website is not as easy as it looks, as there are certain requirements to fulfill before the site can become operational. One such requirement includes deciding on a virtual private server, or VPS. GreenGeeks offers a VPS that stores data for clients’ websites. Let’s take a look at how the GreenGeeks managed VPS service stands out from the competition. Of course, unmanaged hosting is also available, but GreenGeeks seems to focus a little more of their energy on the managed side, so we shall as well.

What Does it Offer?

GreenGeeks originally started in 2008, and currently hosts over 300,000 websites. The company is very environmentally friendly, as it uses wind energy to offset the servers, thereby reducing the amount of carbon being produced. 

The hosting services that are offered include fully managed windows VPS, shared, dedicated, and reseller. Each of these services has a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also offer a promise of delivering 99.90% uptime, which is referring to the amount of time that the website is guaranteed to be fully operational. We will be delving into the VPS plans in particular, and the various benefits that they provide.


The VPS hosting service targets websites that are quickly growing and require more space to expand. There are five different VPS plans to choose from. However, all of them offer the same benefits. These benefits include full root access, quick provisioning, free migration, and a proprietary VPS management portal. In addition to that, each plan has fast SSD storage, and each server has four cores. The details of the five plans are as follows:

  • 2GB

GreenGeeks offers a 2GB plan, which they advertise as being “fast & affordable managed VPS.” This plan contains 2GB of RAM and increases your bandwidth to 1500GB. There is also 50GM of SSD storage, protected by RAID-10. This plan also includes a 10 TB transfer, and a cPanel. In addition, the user will receive a free SSL certificate, website transfer, and softaculous license. The plan costs $39.95 monthly.

  • 4BG

The next plan described by GreenGeeks as “our best selling managed VPS,” and it is also claimed to be the best value. There is 4GB of RAM in this plan, as well as a vCPU, or virtual central processing unit. There is 75GB of SSD disk space, and a cPanel included. It also comes with 2500GB of premium bandwidth. As with the previous plan, it also includes a free SSL certificate, website transfer, and softaculous license. The cost of this one is $59.95 per month.

  • 8GB

The amount of memory in this plan is again double that of the last, at 8GB of RAM. It is labeled by GreenGeeks as being “our high powered managed VPS.” This plan contains six vCPU and 150GB of SSD disk space. It has a 10TB transfer and a cPanel included. There is also the added bonus of getting 3000GB of premium bandwidth. There is also a free SSL certificate, website transfer, and softaculous license. The price of this plan is $109.95 monthly.

Features of GreenGeeks’ VPS

  • 24/7 customer support: Whether you prefer to deal with an agent over live chat, through email or on the phone, there will be technical support whenever you require it.
  • Your VPS is managed and monitored: GreenGeeks will actively be monitoring your VPS for any sign of an issue. Many issues are fixed before the user even becomes aware of them.
  • Good security features: GreenGeeks is always looking out for the virtual security of their clients’ data. The company offers custom security, DDoS protection, and monitoring.
  • Very fast: GreenGeeks uses RAID-10 SSD storage to host data. This results in speedy data storage for clients.
  • 300% green: As mentioned above, GreenGeeks works towards reducing the carbon footprint. This is demonstrated by their servers being offset by 300% through the use of wind power.

Cons of GreenGeeks’ VPS

  • Non-refundable fees: GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, this does not include the setup, add-on features, and domain fees. The setup fee is $15, while domain and add-on fees are variable.
  • Increasing renewal fees: Many of the fees advertised on GreenGeeks’ website are only applicable for first-time users. When you renew your plan, the fees may increase.

The Verdict?

Overall, GreenGeeks offers many valuable services to clients. They have a very fast platform and reliable customer support, which is based out of the United States. Compared to competitors, GreenGeeks has a great uptime standard of 99.90%.

GreenGeeks’ VPS fees are a little high compared to industry standard, especially considering some of them are non-refundable. However, it is really a case of getting what you paid for. If you expect quality service for your website, you will need to pay a little more money regardless.

GreenGeeks’ VPS plans are a good option for users who want the additional help of a managed service. There is no need to worry about what is going on with the server, as GreenGeeks is monitoring it all for you. It is also nice knowing that you are contributing to the reduction of the world’s carbon footprint by using GreenGeeks, while not compromising on the quality of the service.

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