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Everything you Should Know About Guest Blogging in 2022

Many people who start a personal blog or a blog for their business face the issue of low traffic. It is one of the reasons why their business is not doing well and their conversion rates are low. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering how you can fix this issue? Right? You can employ many strategies to get more traffic to your blog. However, the recent and best approach is guest blogging or posting. Why guest blogging? Because it has many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Backlinks: Getting links from authoritative blogs improve your rankings on search engines. To get good quality links, you can opt for guest posting services. 
  • Build Brand authority: By garnering links in your niche from quality websites, you can build brand authority and create awareness about your brand.
  • High traffic: Through guest posts, you can get referral traffic.

A Detailed Guide for Guest Posting

  • Figure out the purpose of guest posting

There are many reasons for guest posting. Determine what goal you want to accomplish with this for your brand. The purpose of guest posting services for your blog may be:

  • For building links for your website
  • For building authority for your brand
  • For growing email list
  • For driving traffic to any specific landing page

Once you know the purpose behind guest posting, you can make strategies that can help you create a perfect guest blog to get better results.

  • Ask what value you will provide to the  website.

When you are guest posting, it is not only about promoting your blog. You have to ask yourself how your guest posts will help the website you will be writing for. If your content cannot provide them with any value, they will not accept your guest posts. So, ask, if your content – 

  • Matches the interest of their audience
  • The writing style is what the audience is looking for and more.

If you can find that you are providing value to their website, you should only pitch your blog posting idea to them. To understand that, you will need to check their website thoroughly.

  • Create a list of websites you want to write for

Now that we understand the value we can provide to a website through guest blogs; it’s time to find websites for guest blogging. There are two things to consider here:

Monthly visitors and domain authority: Make a list of all the websites in your niche with a good number of monthly visitors. You do not want to work with a website with fewer visitors as it may not get you high traffic. Also, check their domain authority. It should be 50 plus for a better result.

Engagement: Another thing to notice before writing for a website is how high is their engagement level? If the website’s traffic is above millions per month, but the engagement level is low, like barely any comments or shares, it is not correct for guest blogging. You want to write for a blog with high traffic and a higher engagement level to reap the benefits of guest posting services.

Once you check all these, make an excel sheet with the blog’s name, traffic, engagement level, and start contacting them one by one.

  • Contacting the blog editor

To write a guest post, you have to pitch the idea to the editor/owner of the blog. How do you go about this? Let us find out:

  • First, read the guidelines, if they are any.
  • Now, contact the editor by sending a personalized email that involves your guest post. If the site asks you to pitch ideas first, send a list of topics and a summary.
  • It is best first to ask if they are accepting guest posts. Also include the title and a summary before sending in your entire blog.
  • Promoting it is essential.

Once your guest post is accepted and available on their website, you may think that your work is over. However, that is not true! You still need to promote it through social media or more. This also means replying to every comment you get on the blog, as it helps build relationships with the customer. 

Use this short guide to do guest posting correctly.

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