Friday, June 14

Birth Certificate: What You Need It For

The world has an obsession with keeping tabs on every individual who lives in it. As a result, we have all these documents we keep ensuring we have all the right papers to live in a world like the one we currently live in (although, it is hard not to think that this is just our government trying to keep a tracker on each one us). 

Besides the point, with so many documents to store, it comes to a point when we lose track with some of them. As a result, you end having to apply for your birth certificate online. 

Which brings us to the point of, which ones do need an official birth certificate to replace?


This is a piece of document that is normally given to residents of the country. In most cases, these are individuals who are permanently living as citizens or temporarily through a working visa.

Normally, this is used to receive social benefits that you are entitled to, especially if you become a citizen in the country. Otherwise, without it, you may not get what you rightfully deserve. 

On the other hand, what you will normally need is the social security number alone. The card can sometimes be irrelevant. However, if you are planning to apply for a new job, then, you might need the card itself because that will be part of the documents or the requirements that you need to submit. 


A passport is a powerful document. It can get you anywhere, and anytime. This is the very document that you will need if you want to travel to places you want to. If your passport is powerful enough, which depends on the country where you received it, you might not even need a visa to enter the borders of a country. 

However, if not, you will need it anyway to apply for a visa. 

In addition, a passport is some sort of official proof of identification, especially when you are applying for a job or when you are applying for a driver’s license, regardless if it is for a professional one, or not. 


Having a birth certificate along opens up many opportunities for you as well. This includes health benefits, which you may not be able to receive if you did not have one, for the simple reason that you do not exist. The government does not know you exist. As a result, you get overlooked when they are handing out vaccines or supplements when you are younger, and these are vital. These vaccines help protect you from getting diseases which might have, at one point, eradicated an entire population. 

Also, having a birth certificate gives you access to education because some schools require students to have one during the application process. 

Regardless of what you do in your country, you will need a birth certificate. It is a vital document that you need to have, and you will need to get your official birth certificate online if you want to do anything in a world that does not even recognize your existence if you do not have a single piece of paper (crazy, we know). 

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