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5 Clever Tips on Saving Money Shopping Online

Online shopping has exploded over the years. This is of course not surprising considering the convince of ordering online. You can simply order products from the comfort of your home and have them delivered straight to your door, as opposed to having to go to the store, walk around in the store looking for the things you want, and then go home again. Not only is this time-consuming, but it is also energy consuming. Additionally, when shopping online, you get a much better 

In other words, when shopping online, you don’t need to run around the store looking for a specific thing like a crazy person. Instead, you can find the things you are looking for in a heartbeat.

With that in mind, online shopping will only grow stronger and increase over the years.

A huge benefit of shopping online is that it can also prove to give you huge savings. When shopping in a retail store, it is much harder to use coupons, and it is also much harder to find really good deals. Therefore, when shopping online with the right strategy, you can buy the things you want, but save a ton of money doing so.

1. Buy at the right times

This is a principle that goes for wherever you shop, but it is just as relevant, if not more relevant, as when shopping in a retail store.

Now, what do we mean by this? Well, each year, you have a number of ”shopping holidays” when you can expect stores to have sales, discounts, and lots of great deals. The most famous is, of course, Black Friday, but there are loads of other dates as well, such as the week after Christmas, Summer sale, New Year’s sale, and so on. With that in mind, it is good to have a strategy for your online shopping. Plan the things you want to buy that are particularly expensive and buy them at times when you can expect discounts. Sure, it can be hard to wait when you really want something, but that wait can really prove to be beneficial when you can get the thing you want for 10, 20, 40, 50 or even more percent off!

2.Join loyalty clubs

Most online stores offer some kind of memberships in one way or another.

It can be something as simple as subscribing to a newsletter, or a bit more advanced such as getting an online shopping card from the store.

These types of memberships are almost always free (I’ll be focusing on the free ones in this point), and these often offer great benefits to you as a customer because the store wants to reward their most loyal customers.

There are an array of different benefits with these memberships/clubs, such as unique VIP discounts, first-to-know information, or notices that there’s a sale going on. It is also common that you get points for each purchase you make that will give you further savings on your purchases.

Research if the stores you buy from online have any of these and join them!

3.Use Coupons

This is definitely one of the most popular, and also the most effective way to save money shopping online.

Not only can this method provide some really hefty discounts and savings, but it is also one of the easiest ways to save money online.

The way people shop online varies, but the two most common ways of shopping online are either having a need for something, and then actively looking for that particular thing to buy, or, you’re just browsing different websites, looking for things that you like to buy. Of course, coupons work for both these, but they are particularly good if you are going to buy something anyway.  

What many people don’t think about when shopping online, which keeps them from saving money, is that they go to websites of companies that they think will have products that they like, put the things they like in their shopping cart, and then go out and look for coupons. The problem with this is that there are not coupons for everything at all times, and by the time you’ve put something in your shopping cart, you really want that thing, and this tends to result in you ordering it anyways – without doing any savings.

Instead, make sure you start in the right end and go to sites that gather coupons that will give you savings on your shopping. When you do that, you start by looking at the coupons available and saying ”okay, these are the coupons that will give me savings, what do I want/need that I can buy using these coupons”. This mindset when shopping online is often the most beneficial when shopping online as it usually leads to the biggest savings.

A website that presents up-to-date coupons is Famous Savings. Here, you can find loads of coupons that will give you enormous savings from countless of stores. Therefore, if you want to save when shopping online, it is a good idea to have a site like that as a starting point for your online shopping adventures.

5 Clever Tips on Saving Money Shopping Online

4.Compare discounts, not just stores

Most people tend to compare stores when buying something. For example, let’s say that you are going to buy a new pair of Adidas shoes. Normally, most people look at a few different websites that sell the same shoes, and then choose the alternative that is the cheapest. However, what people tend to forget when doing this is factoring in discounts and coupons that can be used as well.

Online coupons

For example, Walmart may have a pair of shoes for $80, but a fashion store may have them for $90 dollars. However, that fashion store may have really good coupons that you can use, that will get you the shoes for $70. 

Therefore, it is also a good idea to start in the other end, and look at the sites which have the product you want, then look at which of these stores have the best coupons, then comparing the alternatives and choosing the cheapest.

5. Shop at home and pick up in store

Not all online stores offer free shipping, and in some cases, shipping can be expensive. A good idea is, in that case, to see if the store offers in-store pickup. Many stores have this, and whatäs even better with this is that sometimes, you can get your products the same day that you ordered it.

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