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Best CSGO Weapon Skins You Should Have to Win

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the world’s most famous FPS video game that supports multiplayer components. Valve had released the game on 21 August 2012 as the fourth game in the series of Counter-Strikes. The concept of pitting two teams of real players against each other was new at that time and people loved it. The premise of the gamer revolves around two teams, such as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists; each team has unique objectives and goals to complete, depending on the selected game mode. 

The selection of any team is your choice; in short, you can go either with a terrorist group or an anti-terrorist. The introduction of eight amazing modes will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun and the match-making system is pretty fair that pits you against a team of your level. Besides, if you are new to the game and don’t want to start your career from the beginning, think about buying CSGO account from gaming marketplaces because players from all over the world are nowadays making money by selling in-game CSGO skins and their accounts after achieving a milestone. 

CSGO Skins that every player must have 

As in the real world having a smartphone is compulsory, similarly, in video games, you are supposed to grab these CS: GO skins to ensure your victory. Before start revealing skins, you should learn about them in a brief introduction. Skins of weapons are used to boost up their performance, damage, accuracy, and many other factors. For example: if you are using normal AK-47 with a normal damage rate and low accuracy, then buy a fabulous skin may help you get it doubled in the figure so you can kill enemies within a few fires. We found the best CS: GO skins that you should have and compiled them into a list to make you understand easily. 

Top 10 Best CS: GO Skins

As you know there are dozens of weapons to help you take on enemies. Each weapon has different characteristics and comes with different damage. Here are some awesome skins that you should grab before playing matches against a professional team to increase the chances of winning. Let’s get started!

1. M4A1-S: Golden Coil

Unlocking M4A1-S: Golden Coil helps you encapsulate the lethality of shots. Taking advantage of sneaky nature you can perfectly strike your prey without letting it know and rush into your life of fire. The skin comes with a beautiful black, yellow, and purple color combination, featuring a skull on it to make you crazy.  

2. M4A4: Desolate Space

When playing the game, ignoring the pistol would be your biggest mistake. This is because, lots of pistols give more damage than the rifle; therefore, you should grab a skin for your shinny M4A4: Desolate Space gun. The skin seems while with a beautiful texture combination of white and dark brown. Surely, everyone wishes to keep the skin in their inventory. 

3. AWP: Hyper Beast

The beautiful white beast has proven its popularity among other guns in CS: GO. If we give it the name “Next Level Gun” won’t be wrong. The white texture over black color seems perfect and the same weapon skin is sharing the design with the other three guns. 

4. MP9: Airlock

We know lots of players will be in CS: Go, who intending to grab the pretty simple design that Airlock delivers. Although it adopts a few scratches because of its condition, the addition of a red accent keeps the gun looking perfect and clean. Without any doubt, the MP9 is already a trending SMG; therefore, the majority of players consider switching the gun difficult when they found it on the ground. 

5. MAC-10: Disco Tech – Case: Prisma 2

It seems developers are intended to introduce disco parting colors on guns. The skin gives your favorite weapon an extra layer of beauty and improves its accuracy to make it a perfect piece of technology. Grabbing the said skin will help you take your run-and-gun approach to the next level. 

6. AK-47: Aquamarine Revenge

It is one of my favorite skins that not only me, but man other players from worldwide would love to grab at any cost. It won’t only improve the beauty, but also increase the accuracy and damage, as well as range. Using the gun, you won’t take more than a few seconds to send your opponents to hell. The color texture is fabulous and enough to make it catchy for many players. 

7. Glock-18: Oxide Blaze

The same weapon skin is also released for the Desert Eagle and XM1014, but players love to see it on the Glock-18. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to grab the skin, as it can be grabbed or achieved via a loot box. The rusty look is increasing the popularity of the gun and offering it perfect accuracy. 

8. USP-S: Cortex

A beautiful pink lady gun that most of the time female players would wish to have. No doubt, landing a headshot using USP-S Cortex is one of the best sounds in CSP: GO a few wobbly pink brains scrawled are drawn on its sides that make the gun a fun skin. 

9. Desert Eagle: Kumicho Dragon

Desert Eagle is loaded with the power of traditional Chinese dragons and the beautiful color texture of white, silver, and shining purple are increasing its beauty. Everyone back my words that Desert Eagle is a powerful hand cannon that is most frightening when available in the hands of a professional player. Giving headshops with one fire is only possible with Desert Eagle that gives a lot of damage to the enemy. 

10. Galil AR: Chatterbox

In case you are a fan of vibrant skins, we suggest you to gran Chatterbox. The skin comes with unique animation and vibrant colors. Watching around edges may reveal a white skull on the side of the skin and its mouth started to chatter once you hold the mouse key. 

All skins are the best in CS: GO and having all of these are mandatory to your inventory. Before unlocking any skin, you should read about it to see what advantages it holds for you to use and how you can use it perfectly when finding yourself in battle. 

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