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5 Reasons why Branded Anchor Texts Work for Link Building

5 reasons why branded anchor texts work for link building

Anchor text is any text that has been hyperlinked and is clickable. When you click this text, you are directed to a document or a webpage that is external to the webpage you are currently on. More often than not, this text appears to be underlined and blue, so it is quite easy to tell it apart from any other text on the page.

Within the category of anchor text, is a subcategory which is called brand anchor text or branded anchor text. As the name suggests, this anchor text is the name of the brand which has been hyperlinked with its website or social media presence. 

In the day and age of digital marketing, it is essential to note the relevance of anchor text when it comes to SEO, and how vital link building is to content marketing as well. In fact, branded anchor text is considered to work better than anchor text, which is why it is recommended to use it in natural ways within the content. According to experts at Healthy Links, here are five reasons why branded anchor text works better for link building: 


Your brand, as a company and a website, is based on the name of your brand. The more unique the name, the more quickly it will catch on within the industry. When you use branded anchor text within your webpages on your website to create internal links, this alerts Google about the relevance of the different pages. For external links, branded text ensures that your company’s brand image remains consistent and is not mixed or confused with any other company. 


Your company’s branding also contributes to your company’s identity. When it comes to link building, other bloggers and websites will look for companies that have unique values and services that correspond to the interests of their readers. More often than not, you will have no control over how someone mentions your brand name and how they use it within their content. Still, it is crucial to create an image and brand that corresponds with your identity and your values, so these blogs and websites automatically resort to mentioning your company or business whenever it is relevant.


Branded anchor text is also extremely recognizable because it stands out not just because it is the name of the brand, but also because it is hyperlinked and can easily be seen as such. To create backlinks that are easily frequented, branded anchor texts are a lot easier to spot and use by readers. 

Ratio and natural use

It is actually recommended by SEO experts to use about 25-30% branded anchor texts whenever anchor texts are being utilized in the content. This is because the natural use of branded anchor text within content makes it extremely likely for a reader to click on the anchor text out of curiosity or interest. However, if it is placed unnaturally, then Google might flag it as spam as well. 

Guest blogging

This is the primary way in which branded anchor text can be carefully utilized to create links that generate the domain traffic that you want to get. It is important to develop relationships with companies and website owners that have large reader bases to ensure that your links are actually being frequented and your content is being read.

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