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The Advantages of Running a Google AdWords Campaign

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Let’s face it. Every business out there is doing whatever it takes to get as many customers as they can. Yet despite all these efforts, there are certain methods that tend to get overlooked quite a bit.

One of the best examples of this could be Google AdWords. Despite being part of one of the biggest companies in the world, it continues to decline in popularity mostly because of social media.

If you happen to be in a tough spot and would like to get out of that, this could potentially be the answer. AdWords have plenty of benefits to offer even for the most niche ventures. Make sure to continue reading this article and find out what you can expect from it.

Free for Beginners

Even when you are struggling with a budget, you can rest assured because there is a way to start without paying anything. Think of it as free money to spend on PPC with this Google Ads promo code. Should this sort of thing be considered as cutting corners? Unlikely. Google is encouraging more people to give this a try, that is all.

Advantages Over SEO

Every business needs search engine optimization. However, during certain periods timing is more important than anything else. Thus, the faster you can get the results, the better.

And this is certainly one advantage that AdWords has over SEO. It takes a lot of time to see whether your optimization for search engines had any impact. Meanwhile, Google AdWords campaigns can be measured in real-time and adjusted according to your needs.

This is by no means an attempt to diss SEO as it is crucial for a sustainable business. It is just that alternatives in certain situations can bring you more money.

Brand Awareness

Raising your brand awareness is one of the keys if you are planning to rely on the business for a very long time. All in all, influencers and other methods are more conventional these days, but if you can reach an extra number of people with AdWords, it should not be underestimated regardless, correct? 

Gmail Marketing

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According to some, email marketing is a thing of the past and should be disregarded completely. Well, while there are opinions like this all over the internet, plenty of entrepreneurs are still making money with email marketing.

In 2015, Google has introduced native ads for its popular Gmail platform. Now you can target people who browse promotional and social tabs on Gmail and expect more traffic, brand awareness, and every other benefit that comes with it.


Most of your website’s visitors come for the first time, spend zero, and do not bother returning ever again. You can turn things around a bit by starting a retargeting campaign. It is an extension of Google AdWords and is a great way to target people who have shown interest in the past.

Measuring Your Performance

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Imagine spending money on something like radio ads, TV commercials, or even renting space on a giant billboard. There will be an impact overall, but being in the dark about how much of an effect these have is quite discouraging.

These methods are not as popular because you cannot keep track of the results. Meanwhile, a Google AdWords campaign has all the information you need and then some. Making future plans and setting adjustments immediately becomes that much easier when such information is in front of you all the time.


While having a personal goal in mind helps a lot, having someone to compete against can help with gaining even more motivation. You could argue that it is even possible to take the competition head-on.

You will more than likely compete for the same or similar keywords and you can measure just how good you are doing against others, and where you need improvements.


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The best copywriters in the world make thousands of dollars for just a few sentences. While becoming one yourself might be a bit of a stretch, you never know where your next career path will take you. And if you are writing ad copies yourself, you are bound to get better at it with time.

Great Learning Experience Overall

Digital marketing as a whole continues to change and keeping up with everything is more or less impossible, even if you are working full-time.

Google AdWords will give you an entirely different perspective and allow you to learn more about the industry. If you are planning to continue working with digital marketing in the future, it will be a great life lesson.

In a word, there is no denying how much of an asset Google AdWords can become. It offers plenty of benefits and it is surprising to see how underused it is. Nevertheless, some people are bound to change their minds after reading this article and give AdWords a chance.

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