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Top AI Startups in the US

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The business world has become the world of startups. There are many professionals who prefer to be entrepreneurs. A startup is a new company that is specifically built to solve a problem, come up with a unique service, or meet a particular demand or product to the public. All this is done while trying to identify a workable and viable business model.

Artificial Intelligence is something that has penetrated all aspects of our lives. The seepage of AI is so deep that a majority of us blindly trust AI applications to perform investment-based activities depending on AI bots.

Artificial Intelligence is a well of opportunities for professionals interested in this domain. In fact, many professionals have already gotten into AI and ML in Chicago to make or advance their careers in this domain.  

What happens when the concepts of Artificial Intelligence are applied to the startups that are gradually making their significant place in the business world? On further reading this article, the air will be cleared regarding AI for startups.

Working for an AI Startup

The culture at startups is entirely different from the one at established corporate organizations. While startups have a greater sense of flexibility and informality, provide you with higher visibility, and also offer you many chances to create and contribute; bigger organizations have a formal structure where there is less visibility, and you get fewer chances to work on your own ideas.

Generally, startups offer more incentives and perks like more responsibilities, greater independence, stock options, and huge opportunities for learning. So, typically, if you start a new business from scratch, you may end up building procedures and policies that your forthcoming employees will follow.

Artificial Intelligence is relatively new in the tech world but is consistently making its firm grip over the tech landscape. It is growing and evolving so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up with the pace of this evolution. Startup culture includes innovation, newness, excitement, and also out-of-the-box approach to business activities. 

Despite many pros of working with a startup, there is always a risk factor associated with it. It is possible that your company may become a smash hit, or it may collapse in a matter of a few months. Also, you may be required to work overtime and stay dedicated until you reach the desired goal.

If you like to work on challenges and play your best part, you can start working with a startup. Most probably, when AI techniques are incorporated into businesses, they are more likely to succeed.

Let us have a look at some of the top AI startups in the US.

Top AI Startups in the US

  1. People.AI

This startup exploits the power of Artificial Intelligence to develop an enterprise revenue platform that makes sales, marketing, and customer services teams capable of providing their customers with the best experiences, all this by analyzing revenue opportunities.

  1. Stem

Energy, or more precisely, oil prices, are volatile everywhere. They get affected by many factors from the war between countries (the recent one being the Russia-Ukraine war that affected prices of almost every energy-related product), the global pandemic, and also the oil-rig fires. Stem utilizes AI techniques for automation of energy cost savings and also preserves rate increases. Also, Stem offers different services meant for different energy savings fields like energy storage, utility bill optimization, commercial charging, and sustainability.

  1. SoundHound

This startup utilizes voice searches, natural language understanding, speech recognition, and other voice-enabled AI techniques to enable business owners and developers to look over their brand reputation from anywhere. This allows users to interact with the technology just by using their voice.

Their AI platform called Houndify is known to offer the world’s fastest voice search and speech recognition systems. Also, their assistant application, Hound, uses ‘Deep Meaning Understanding’ and ‘Speech-to-Meaning’ technologies to identify voices.

  1. is a company that is intended to develop autonomous vehicle technology to provide businesses and people more freedom to shape their own journeys without the requirement for a driver. The tagline of the company says, ‘Argo is reimagining the human journey.’

It has developed the Argo Autonomy platform that is meant to market with leading consumer brands, namely Volkswagon, Ford, Lyft, and Walmart.

  1. Cruise Automation

The autonomous subsidiary of General Motors, this company is yet another amazing autonomous vehicle company. It offers professionals from different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives the to come up with innovative ideas, grow, and flourish. It develops technologies for existing cars as well as self-driving and all-electric ride services.

  1. SambaNova

Samabnova is a complete AI solutions provider that specializes in machine learning platforms and big data analytics. Its Dataflow-as-a-Service is specifically designed to deliver the most powerful integrated software-defined hardware platform that enables businesses to scale and accelerate their capabilities with an AI infrastructure. This harnesses some of the most powerful techniques of AI, including Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and also computer vision.

  1. Riskified

Riskified is an eCommerce platform that is meant for fraud management. With everything going through digitization, there is a massive increase in types of fraud taking place these days. A good fraud management system has become the need of the hour.

Riskified helps eCommerce platforms that have over one billion online transactions to streamline the checkout processes, halt fraud attacks, and identify genuine and legitimate customers.

  1. DataRobot

Datarobot is an automated machine learning platform that is widely used by data scientists and is a rapidly growing company. This helps data scientists to develop and deploy exact predictive models easily and quickly.

The Wrap Up

Many more AI-powered startups are growing and flourishing in the US. If you like to work with challenges and love innovations, then you can look forward to learning AI technologies and making your career in this domain. There are many online training providers that make sure that you are equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to advance your career in Artificial Intelligence.

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