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The Role of Social Media for Gambling Companies

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Social networks used to be the main selling point of the internet. Synchronous chats, a space where you can upload your images, share your points of view, and socialize in general. Shortly afterwards, they became the main hubs for advertising, and even added features that specifically help companies advertise their product or services. They became so effective at this that it’s now impossible or simply foolish to ignore their potential.  Here we will explore the relationship between social media and gambling companies, and explain why it’s important for online casinos to use social media platforms.

Limited Marketing Potential on Other Channels

Gambling commercials are a controversial topic, especially if they are aired during the day when kids and teens can see them. This is why companies face backlash and many people rally behind the idea to ban gambling ads, in order to protect those who are vulnerable. Now, ads are also visible on social media, and those sites have underaged users. However, the algorithms work a bit differently and we will touch upon that, later on, to explain why it’s not such a big deal. 

Targeting Specific Users 

Social media platforms are an amazing tool for advertising because they allow you to target a specific demographic. This means you can run a marketing campaign and ensure your ad is aired only to people who correspond to a certain profile. If you want to target middle-aged men who love football or basketball you can do so. If you want to limit your campaign to the UK, you can also do so. Additionally, it’s not like a TV commercial, you can pay for actual viewer engagement and action. When you have a TV commercial you don’t know how many people have seen it and who they are. 

Create an Online Community

If you have a group and paid for a campaign to acquire more users then you have a great tool for communicating with your fans. Since social media displays notifications whenever you update your page, you can use these groups to notify the users about the upcoming changes. Furthermore, you can promote the best casino bonuses in UK whenever you add new incentives and get feedback on how many people actually saw that post. These bonuses are extremely important for increasing activity on your site and users love them, so your group provides them with useful information. 

Moreover, you can use these bonuses to grow these social media groups. Many apps do this and tell users they can get benefits if they follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or other popular platforms. So, your players get a few extra free spins and you have more people who will hear your broadcasts whenever there is an interesting update. 

Safer Channel for Advertising 

We mentioned how people can have issues with gambling ads on TV. Thanks to social media only certain users will be exposed to these ads. They have an algorithm that can deduce who is the right person to see the ad based on their previous internet history. So, if someone loves to bet or play poker they will be more likely to see the ad for a new online casino. 

Underaged users who get exposed in this case are those who already do things that are in a way connected. This time the responsibility is shifted to social media and to users themselves. If the algorithm keeps pushing the same ads, it is because that person interacts with it. 

Getting User Feedback 

Finally, online casinos can improve their services by getting feedback from their player base. Social media sites are great for creating polls and allowing users to vote on what type of content they wish to see more. This gives the gambling platforms a clear path forward and they know what games or features they need to add to keep their player base happy and engaged. 

Maybe they want more live games or VR experiences. They could be interested in certain slots that are made by a specific developer, or maybe a poker tournament. Whatever the case, operators can act on this feedback and create a more loyal group of players. 


Social media can be incredibly useful if leveraged in the right way, and new online casinos should not ignore them. User activity is strongly related to the events that take place in the real world, if there is a Premier League there will be more sports bettors online. If there is a World of Poker Series Tournament there will be more poker players who are visiting a site. You need to communicate with those users, find out what they like, and create promotions that are going to drive that engagement. All of this is possible through social media sites. 

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