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Can Your Back Office Have Any Significant Effect on Your Marketing Campaigns?

The cost of customer acquisition is five times that of securing a second purchase or retaining existing customers. Also, the acquisition cost has doubled in the last five years. Therefore, it is crucial to scout for ways to increase the user affinity towards your brand.

Whichever business you are into, turning a first-time buyer into a repeat customer is a difficult task. Timely and personalized communication along with the fulfillment of customer expectations for the first time can help forge a workable retention strategy.

This article highlights the aspects by which your back office can become useful for your marketing campaigns. It puts special emphasis on marketing campaigns directed towards customer retention.

Importance of Back Office

Your back office comprises a variety of functions that remain behind the scenes and do not actively interact with your customer. However, studies suggest that the customer experience can vary by 60% due to the back-office functions.

If you delve deeper, you will find that a good customer experience starts way before the customer makes the purchase decision. You can run into significant risk if you provide bad customer service due to a gap between the front and back offices. 

A sector that sees a significant impact in terms of a downward trend due to bad customer experience is e-commerce. Past research suggests that around 66% of e-commerce customers feel that customer experience is a critical business driver. The absence can lead to inefficient store handling and an increase in customer churn ratio. 

Although, you should not miss out on putting the hygiene factors in place for your back office. It entails having proper stationery and allied services in place. These should help meet the regular office work and substantiate the brand imagery too. Using seal stamps with a custom logo is vital for this job. The availability of multiple options for these stamps can help you have a marketing element of your choice.

It is vital to meet human resource parameters for maintaining high spirits in your organization. The absence of employee satisfaction can be detrimental to customer experience too. Is that all that a back-office can do?

Marketing and Operation Liaison

A crucial aspect of any business operating today is the data. Why is this important for marketing? When you are planning for customer retention strategies, it is vital to identify the customer concerns. The ability to mine data and produce useful insights after analyzing and processing it is crucial for this job. It is possible only through data collection.

It dubs data analysts as a major player in your back office. Their work of analyzing and interpreting data can help you to have a better marketing trend forecast. It often happens that these people falling under marketing operations get missed out.

If an organization does not maintain the departmental objectives properly, there can be conflicts between marketing and operation. For example, operations may opt for inventory software that efficiently helps cut costs, reduce waste, and manage inventories. However, marketing may demand an abundant supply of inventory to not miss out on any customer.

While the marketing teams at the front of the house get rewards for fetching higher sales, the marketing operations team at the back get it for cost reduction. A company’s scope of decoding customers and seeking knowledge for successful marketing strategy implementation increases when marketing and operations work together.


You can use data to comprehend which channel is most effective for your business group. Your back-office analytics can help you to identify the successful marketing channels and the non-performing ones. It will ultimately help you to plan your finances and time efficiently.

You can get insights into the various marketing channels through analysis and collection of data. It can be any direct or indirect, organic or inorganic, offline or social media channel. Thus, you have the option to make informed marketing decisions to propel your business.

A crucial aspect that you should not miss here is the prospect of personalizing your offering and communication based on data. A study suggests that 90% of customers believe personalized marketing can make a difference. However, currently, only 5% of the companies make an effort in this regard.

Observations also reveal that personalization is at the top of the chart for increasing customer retention. The lack of personalization can push away one in every three customers from your brand.

Therefore, as you can see, various aspects of your back office can help you to better connect with your customer. Your marketing efforts can improve significantly by adhering to the above. Apart from these, you can also choose to automate your system. 

At last, a customer always gets delighted when they get a good post-purchase experience. So, have a system in place to ensure the same.

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