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What Does RS Mean on Snapchat?

If you are a Snapchat user, chances are you are well-versed with acronyms. Snapchat is high on that ground, which explains why being introduced to new acronyms like “RS” can be confusing at first. With so much going around, things can get confusing quickly.

If someone has sent you “RS” on Snapchat or you are confused about how things are out of the blue, be assured that you have come to the right place. There are a lot of factors that you have to prioritize when you are in a conversation with someone on Snapchat.

In this guide, we will take you through all the details you need to know about the meaning of RS on Snapchat and why it holds such significance on the platform.

Meaning of RS on Snapchat

RS Mean on Snapchat

Being on Snapchat means that you are most likely well-versed with Snapchat streaks. These are the messages, text, or media files that you send to people to maintain a “streak.” It must be sent to people regularly, meaning every 24 hours.

Failing to send a media-based message on Snapchat means you will surely break the streak and have to start again.

RS is related to the concept of the Snapchat streak. Since sending unique messages to each person on Snapchat is often confusing and challenging, RS or Round Snap comes into the picture.

The significance of RS or Round Snap is that you can take a single image or media and then send it to multiple people on Snapchat. This is handy because you won’t have to worry about individually sending the media files in the streak.

If you are serious about maintaining a streak on Snapchat and want to keep up with people on the platform, Round Snap or RS will come in handy for you without compromise.

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Are there Other Meanings of RS on Snapchat?

When defining the meaning of RS on Snapchat, it depicts the same meaning.

While there isn’t any other significant meaning for this acronym on Snapchat itself, you can’t deny that there are a few alternative meanings of RS, like Rupees, Restart, Rally Sport, etc.

However, none of these meanings have anything to do with the actual meaning of RS concerning Snapchat. So, we’d recommend you keep an eye out for the same.

Does RS have a Different Meaning on Instagram or Twitter?

Regarding social media language, RS has a particular meaning, which we discussed. It stands for Round Snap on Snapchat, and that’s pretty much it.

However, one thing you must understand is that RS doesn’t have any place when it comes to Instagram and Twitter. Some users do depict the possibility of RS meaning retweets or replies, but even that doesn’t make much sense, to be fair.

So, if you come across a user on either Instagram or Twitter using RS in their captions, comments, or tweets, you should ask them directly about what it means.

Evolving Meaning of RS on Snapchat

Now that you have a basic understanding of what RS stands for on Snapchat, it makes sense that you’d want to understand better how the acronym has evolved and its significance.

If we had to discuss, there are four different ways RS can be perceived on Snapchat, so let us break them down for you.

Round Snap

The most common and primary meaning behind RS on Snapchat is Round Snap. This is where a single (and exact) snap is forwarded to multiple Snapchat users simultaneously to maintain the streak. What this does is enable the users to keep their streak without having to worry about having to share things one by one.


The next one is a slight modification of the previous one. This depicts a circular letter or a snap, which is again sent to multiple people at once, not just to a single person. So, think of it as a “broadcast” message sent to multiple people simultaneously.


As the term suggests, Recents or RS is another way to share messages between people, wherein it indicates the list of people you have recently shared a snap or message with. The aim is to increase the engagement of the sender on the respective platform.

Reply Snap

The last meaning that can be deciphered is Reply Sent or Reply Snap. It lets you let the recipient know you have sent them the reply.

What’s intriguing about RS is that its evolution and popularity aren’t limited to Snapchat. It has also made its way to platforms like TikTok if that’s something you are considering exploring.

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How do you respond to someone who has sent RS on Snapchat?

If RS is for round snap, the sender will most likely send you an image or video instead of “RS” as a literal catchphrase.

This means you’d have to either reply with another image or video to maintain the streak or not reply. It comes down to subjective preference.


The concept of RS on Snapchat has caught people’s attention quite a lot. So, if you have been wondering what it means and how you can respond to it and make the most out of the conversation, we hope this gives you all the insights you need to make the conversation flow smoothly and without any interruptions.

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