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Soda Tab Meaning on TikTok that People Talk About

These days, TikTok users are predicting their love destinies using soda can tabs. 

These users like using nail paint colors to indicate their relationship status. They now claim that you can use the shape of a Coke can tab to predict whether or not your crush would reciprocate your feelings.

If you are too up for this new Gez-z fad, hop on the curiosity train as we tell you about this Soda Tab trend on TikTok. 

What Is The Meaning Of Soda Cabs On TikTok

Meaning Of Soda Cabs On TikTok
Meaning Of Soda Cabs On TikTok

Most soda can tabs are oval and have holes in them. The top hole is usually circular, while the bottom or holes can be of any form. As a result, TikTokers are basing this trend on the appearance of the bottom half of each tab. 

However, they found a fourth design with two enormous circles and pondered what it signified. 

  • A semi-circle indicates that you will be hugged. 
  • A rainbow form with a circle at the bottom indicates you will be kissed. 
  • Meanwhile, a single rainbow form indicates that you will have sex. 

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Hidden Meanings Of Soda Tab On TikTok

Hidden Meanings Of Soda Tab On TikTok

Soda tabs have different uses in today’s society. TikTok users are predicting their romantic destinies or showing love interests using soda can tabs.

Number 1 Meaning Of Soda Tab: Hug

Pulling a Coke tab with a large hole at the bottom will give you a ‘hug.’ A hug represents support, sympathy, and consolation, especially when words fail.

  • A side embrace is reserved for close friends and acquaintances. 
  • A two-armed embrace in which both people’s chests are touching, but their pelvises allow additional room, has no sexual or romantic connotation.
  • A hug from behind indicates a love relationship.
  • An embrace around the waist denotes closeness.

Number 2 Meaning Of Soda Tab: Kiss 

Is there a creative way to invite someone to kiss (or be kissed by) someone? Yes! Make use of a kiss soda tab.

On the soda tab, leave a semicircle with a smaller hole beneath. However, keep in mind that a welcoming kiss needs the right setting. 

  • A kiss on the cheek is a common way to say ‘hello.’
  • A kiss on the brow expresses appreciation.
  • A kiss on the hands shows respect. 
  • A French kiss expresses intense passion. 
  • Between the beds, an earlobe kiss symbolizes desire.

Number 3 Soda Tab Meaning On TikTok: Sex

Many of us wish we could skip the preamble and go right to work when the mood hits. However, with this drink tab, you may quickly demonstrate your love interest. Assemble a semicircle within the smaller opening. 

But what if you’re the other guy and you get this invitation? How can you answer his soda tab while remaining civil? 

A courteous and straightforward no is the best alternative if you don’t want to. You can say the following:

  • “No, thank you.”
  • “I think you’re a good person, but I’m not just attracted to you.”
  • “I think you’re great, but we have no chemistry.”
  • “Sorry, but I’m not interested in an intimate relationship with you.”

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What Does Soda Tab Associations With Rainbow Mean?

A rainbow form with a hole indicates that you will be kissed.

When you break a tab off the top of a can, and it appears like a rainbow with a little hole beneath it, it might mean that someone you’ve had feelings for a long time is about to make a move.

  • Gen-z suggests bending the tab over the drinking hole to produce a rainbow-shaped can tab with a hole without leaving it to chance. Flip the tab forward and back until it snaps.

A rainbow form without a hole indicates that you’ll meet someone.

When you break off the tab, you can use a rainbow form with no hole at the bottom. If you get one of these tabs, it might imply you will link up with the person you’re interested in.

This happens when the button that holds the tab to the can snaps off with it.

  • Here, Genz suggests rotating the tab around over the drinking hole to remove a can tab while keeping the button intact. Keep your finger on the button to remove the tab and twist it forward.

Someone Gave You Can Tab? Here’s What It Means?

If they offer you a semi-circle tab, it signifies they want to embrace you, a rainbow shape with a hole suggests they want to kiss you, and a rainbow form without a hole… You get the idea!!

So, if someone hands you two semi-circle tabs, they want to hold your hand.

If you’re not sure what someone means when they hand you a can tab, you can always ask. It is always preferable to ensure that someone is giving you a signal rather than assuming they are.

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What Does A Can Tab Necklace On TikTok Mean?

A soda can tab necklace indicates that the wearer likes the television show, Outer Banks.

If you see someone wearing a necklace made of a single soda can tab, it has no hidden meaning. They’re most likely simply copying Sarah from the Netflix program Outer Banks.

  • To construct this viral necklace, thread a silver beaded necklace chain through the top of a can tab.


Take note that soda tabs are, in fact, soda tabs. This is not a synonym for something else. The stuff around this on TikTok is soda tabs found in a can. 

It has, however, devolved into a game. So don’t take it too seriously!!! 

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