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How SEO Experts Can Hide Their Footprints Using VPN

Data breaches and privacy concerns are a bane to businesses everywhere and today, there’s no short supply of hackers and snoopers and more online. Like a burglar in the night, they hide and wait for the right moment to launch their attack. You rarely see them coming, but the aftermath of data breaches and destruction is evident.

IBM reported that in 2018, data breaches cost U.S. businesses an average of $3.9 million and it took 279 days before the breach was even discovered and contained. Finding ways to protect your business and clients is essential and that includes the expanding industry of search engine optimization and SEO experts.

SEO allows businesses to expand their online influence via search engine results, online marketing, social media and more. Yet, one SEO tactic that often gets overlooked is the virtual private network. After all, privacy and security go hand-in-hand with any digital data creation, but not everyone knows what a VPN is and whether or not they need one. So, let’s dive in.

VPN Network

What Is A Virtual Private Network

Who doesn’t use the internet? With technology becoming increasingly popular, a rising problem in internet security. On public networks, hackers may be able to infiltrate accounts or snoop on people and gain personal information. An excellent solution to this problem is using a Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN.

Now, with a VPN, users get added security and privacy. A VPN offers encryption technology that encrypts the data and messages that are sent and received across a VPN. So, in essence, it’s kind of like using a secure bank or finance website. The messages and information that you send are encrypted to prevent hackers and snoopers from retrieving that information, but that’s not all. 

VPN also adds authentication to the mix to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Finally, it also condenses the internet traffic via a tunneling method to give you more direct access to your valuable information. With a VPN, you’re able to complete all of the tasks and searches that you would on a public network. The only difference is that your information is more secure – and your privacy is better protected and that’s great news for businesses everywhere. With that said, it can be appropriate to look for the best VPN services which give you all the functions that you need.

Can A Virtual Private Network Help Your Business?

Today’s business professionals are more mobile than ever as globalization becomes the norm. Representatives and executive officials within business travel for work – sometimes in their own countries and sometimes abroad. Yet, they must still have a way to access company data and, in some cases, private data. With that said, a VPN offers an added layer of protection while away from the company’s private network. In this way, they can still access company information while keeping the data safer and more secure.

Like other business professionals, SEO experts use VPNs to hide their footprints – often with the aid of a proxy. A proxy allows you to hide your IP address and surf the waves of the web anonymously. Somebody’s knocking, but nobody knows who.

It’s kind of the same idea, but with a proxy and VPN combination, you can protect the information that you send and receive across the internet and surf to your heart’s content without alerting hackers or other data snoops to know who you are or what you’re doing. It’s far safer than relying on a public internet network like WIFI at your local coffee shop, yet it still allows you to do the same things – and sometimes more. 

Some businesses that offer free WIFI, and some countries with strict internet usage regulations, do not allow you to access certain websites, for example. A VPN allows you a kind of loophole around this. While you may be using someone else’s internet, your VPN is still your own and you can access the websites that you need when you need them.

Since VPNs with a proxy the combination of privacy, security, and anonymity, they are an excellent tool for protection for SEO experts. Not an expert yet, but aiming to be one? A VPN is a step in the right direction and an SEO guide for beginners is another.  Using VPNs, rival companies and search engines are unable to track or steal the ideas of other businesses.

The popularity of VPNs is growing and there’s little doubt as to why. With so many big data breaches floating around these days, businesses everywhere are looking for better ways to protect their information and the information of their clients and consumers and a VPN pours out the advantages for its many users. The advantages of a VPN can help you work better and safer in three main ways.

  • Remote work capabilities with secure connections and privacy
  • Protection from Google search queries
  • Protection from online spying and threats

Finally, VPNs aren’t just for businesses. Individuals and SEO providers also reap the rewards of improved online safety, security, and privacy that they need and there are many VPN providers to choose from. So, which is the best VPN for SEO experts? We’re glad you asked.

Which Virtual Private Network Protocol Is Best for SEO Experts?

Search the web for VPN providers and you’ll no doubt be inundated with a labyrinth of solid choices. Each come with their own pros and cons, which depend on what your needs are. Among the differences, one factor that stands out is pricing.

It’s hard to put a price on the amount of security and peace of mind that you gain with a VPN – and many are comparable in function, but differ in price. Some top-name brands can easily run you almost $100 a year! Other similar-quality top-brands, like OpenVPN,offer you the benefits that you need to protect your data and remain private, but do so at a price that you can afford. 

Selecting the VPN that’s right for you comes down to weighing the differences to find the right virtual private network that makes sense for your purposes, your business and your budget. So, there you have it, Virtual Private Networks, in a nutshell, to enhance your online presence with safety, security, and SEO of course.

Written by Usman Raza,.

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