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SEO Trends 2019: Prediction and Strategies

At the beginning of a new year, it is important that you look at the latest trends in SEO so that you can use them optimally to project your brand on the internet successfully. Now, we’ve already a bit into 2019, but most of the SEO strategies that were talked about at the end of 2018 are still relevant in 2019.

Understanding the new changes in SEO is very important to improve the flow of organic traffic to your website.

In this article, we have shared with you some of the latest SEO trends that are very important if you wish to improve the ranking of your website organically.

                                          Latest SEO trends

Here is the list of the latest SEO trends that are giving excellent results are as follows.

1) Social media presence

According to the latest report, more than 73 percent of internet users are using different social media channels on a regular basis.

This makes social media perfect channels through which you can reach out to your audiences and persuade them to buy your products.

2) CTA optimization

Google pays a lot of attention towards CTA (call to action) button to improve the ranking of a website.

If the viewers do not click on your website when it is displayed in reference to some query, then Google will not rank your website for that particular keyword and your overall ranking will plummet.

Therefore, you must pay a lot of attention in the looks as well as the placement of the CTA button on your website.

3) Longer articles

To get better ranking, you must post articles that are more than 1000 words.

The articles should be well written, full of useful information and easy to comprehend to get better weight from Google, which will, in turn, improve your ranking.

4) Video content optimization

Latest trends are showing that the demand for video content will outstrip all other contents.

It is also predicted that in the near future, video content will account for nearly 85 percent of the data, which is pretty huge.

This makes video the main marketing tool for all the digital marketing specialists. Additionally, Google also gives more weight to video contents which in turn improves the ranking of your website.

To optimize your video content, you must use keywords in the video description so that the Google algorithm can know what the video content is about.

5) Voice search

In the year 2018 more than 58 percent mobile user used voice search to look for something on the internet.

Google voice search

This trend will accelerate even further in the coming years as different voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana and SIRI will help the customers to seek information from the Internet.

SEO predictions for the future

If we look at the market trends and try to extrapolate it with the emerging technologies that can affect the SEO results, then we can see a few likely SEO trends in the future.

1) Smartphone orientation

The amazing way the technology relating to a smartphone is evolving, it is important for digital marketing experts to integrate their strategy with the existing smartphone capabilities.

More and more smartphones will come with high GPU which in turn will allow the website developers to use high graphics contents to attract the viewer.

Similarly, the screen resolution will also improve dramatically, so using good resolution photos and videos is a must otherwise your website will look washed out thus affecting the users’ experience which in turn can affect the ranking of your website.

2) Mobile speed

Your website’s speed will matter on mobile when users jump to the website from Google as good speed is the first impact of users and second it will make them more convenient to explore whichever they want to get from your website.

Google website speed

Slower loading means you will be losing traffic, will increase bounce rate and you will not be able to get sales. Therefore, the preferable thing is to keep the mobile speed up to ¾ seconds.

3) Protection of data

Google will increasingly focus on protecting the personal data of the individuals.

Therefore, if you wish that your website gets a higher ranking, then you must make your website secure so that the personal data of your customers remain safe.

This will have a great impact on the overall ranking of your website in any relevant search engine generated results.

4) Geo-targeting

Among various strategies that will dominate SEO in the future, GEO targeting is very significant.

If your business is a mortar and brick store, like a hotel, mom & pops store, book store or others, then Google will show it on the top of the search results of a person who is near your location and is looking for a specific product or services that is relevant to your business provides.

Different SEO strategies to target audiences and increase traffic to your website

1) Answers to key questions

Google always tries to improve the user experience by providing its users with the exact answers that they are searching for on Google.

If you want to improve your ranking substantially, then the first thing you should do is provide answers to the most pertinent questions that are relevant to your website.

You can find these questions through Google analytics. Make sure to attend to only those questions which have high volume searches.

After you have identified the questions you should answer them in an interesting way that will leave the viewer wanting for more.

This will not only improve your reputation as an expert amongst your clients but will also have a positive impact on the ranking of your website.

Make sure that the answer you give has all the latest relevant information and written in an easy to understand way.

2) Importance of LSI keywords

Keywords play an important role in optimizing SEO strategies.

If you wish to get a great ranking for your website, then you must focus on providing contents that are great in quality and have the relevant keywords.

Instead of keyword stuffing, the latest SEO trends encourage users to use the relevant keywords strategically throughout the content.

When evaluating your content, the Latent Semantic Indexing looks for words or phrases that are relevant to your main topic. To know more about such words or phrases you can use the LSI graph.

However, a word of caution, do not stuff LSI keywords into your already existing blog or article or it would be termed as keyword stuffing and your website could be penalized.

3) Importance of voice search

The importance of voice search continues in the year 2019 as well.

As Google is putting more focus on searches made through mobile phones, voice search has become one of the hottest techniques that you must include in your SEO strategy to make it more effective.

The small display of the smartphone does not give people adequate screen space to write queries.

This has encouraged people to use the existing personalized voice search features in Google to look for some information on the Internet.

Additionally, the evolution of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana has made voice searches even more personalized for people and has come as a boon for small businesses that have little manpower to keep their business going 24×7.

It is, therefore, one of the most important components of SEO for small business to attract greater traffic from smartphone users.

4) Improve your EAT score

While improving EAT (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) scores were always very important, the changes in search engine algorithm way of giving weight to content have made its importance even starker.

EAT Score Google

The continuous focus of the Google algorithm to provide highly relevant content for its users with the latest information that is completely trustworthy has made improving the EAT score very important if you wish to improve the ranking of your website.

It is important that you only post high-quality articles on your website to establish your expertise and authority on the subject and also give reference links to reputable websites to improve your trustworthiness.

5) The importance of SERP

If you look at the latest SEO trends, you will find that Google is focusing more attention towards making sure that the viewer stays on the Google platform for a much longer period.

This has made SERP (search engine result page) very important for launching effective SEO strategies.

There are multiple SERP features like featured snippets, Google jobs, Google photos, Google flights, knowledge cards, related questions, site links, tweets, local teaser pack and so on.

These SERP features allow Google to hold the attention of the viewer for a longer period of time and let him/her stay in any one of the Google platforms.

6) Importance of video remains

To attract and hold the attention of a user to your website you must include high-resolution good quality videos that are relevant to your website.

In high-resolution, Google gives greater weightage to a website that has videos embedded in webpages as it is believed that it improves the user’s experience substantially.

Google video

Videos if properly made and used has the ability to sway the decision of a customer to buy some products from your website.

When you post a video on your website make sure that the title of the video has the relevant keyword that will allow the search engine algorithm to index it properly so that it shows in any organic search engine generated result list.

7) Local SEO

More and more businesses are now focusing their attention in their immediate neighborhood.

Google is also giving high weightage to those websites that are focusing on their local SEO actively. People like to buy goods from those businesses that are either physically present in the neighborhood or registered locally.

Local business always creates more trust in the mind of the customers. Therefore, if you have a small business (brick and mortar store), then you can use your online website to attract more customer to your physical store.

8) Greater importance to the topic

While answering question still remains the focus area of getting good weight from the search engine algorithm, there is a slight change in the way Google now looks at your website.

Instead of focusing on a single question, Google seems to give more weightage to sites that focus on a particular topic so that it can give answers to a cluster of questions (instead of focusing on just one).

Therefore, if you wish to improve your ranking, then the first part is to look for a relevant topic that is new, interesting and also relevant to your website.

The next part is to find out what are the important questions that viewers have asked on that topic.

Once you get it, the next part is to write an article that will answer all of them in a clear and easy to understand way.

These are some of the latest SEO trends of the year 2019. If you wish to get a higher ranking for your website, then it is important that you look at all of these trends very carefully and try to use them when you are designing your own SEO strategy to improve the organic ranking of your website.

Article written by Denies Branson.

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