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Most Common Mistakes Made by SEO Professionals

SEO is important if you want to get business from search engines like Google. Billions of people use them regularly and expect to find solutions to all their problems. Each website offers a solution to a problem in the form of information, a product, or a service. Hundreds of thousands of businesses solely depend on Google for their business. 

They either become an SEO expert themselves or hire an SEO expert to ensure they keep getting results from this search engine. The main goal is to rank their pages in the top positions of SERPs. However, there is not a single manual that tells you to do something, and it will get you the top spot with a guarantee. This field requires one to stay up to date and keep using the latest data to make decisions. That’s the kind of job SEO professionals have. 

While there is no one formula to rank, you can sabotage what you already have by making some minor mistakes. Here I have shared these mistakes that have probably been holding you back without you even realizing it. 

Trying to Do Guest Posting Themselves

Guest posting is a hectic job and an important part of every SEO plan. It’s the safest and most influential form of backlink that also increases website traffic, sales, and brand awareness. Many SEO professionals try to do the guest posting of their or client’s websites without any outside help. While it may ensure the quality of your project, it is almost impossible to do it alone. 

What’s the point of all your efforts if you still won’t get the right sites and keep delaying the project? Besides, trying to reach short deadlines while trying to maintain quality won’t be possible. This job requires a team of experienced outreach professionals and content marketers. It is suggested to learn about their guest posting services Here and how they can do a better job than you. Outsourcing this difficult job will help you follow even the shortest posting schedule. 

Not Understanding Keyword Search Intent

Some keywords may sound relevant, but they are not. When choosing keywords to target, don’t forget to understand the intent behind it. You should know whether the person is looking for information or wants to buy something. There can be a number of intentions behind each keyword search. You should know which keywords are most popular for each intent.

This will ensure that your content is relevant to them. Otherwise, they will simply ignore your result in the search engine result page. It is also called pogo-sticking and it affects the credibility of the page. Even if a user opens your page, the will click the back button right away, increasing your bounce rate, which is also believed to be a ranking factor of Google.

Ignoring the Power of Influencers

Influencers have a great following. Even if Google is your main target, you should not underestimate the benefits influencers have to offer. You can find influencers on social media sites or use their own blogs. No matter which medium you use, they are sure to bring a lot of traffic to your website. If you work smart and hire relevant influencers, you will also see an increase in conversion rate.

Influencers usually have a website with powerful domain authority. A backlink from such a site can really help build the credibility of your page in the eyes of Google. A relevant backlink from a trusted site is worth more than a hundred mediocre links. Be sure to make a list of influencers and partner with them to help reach your SEO goals.

Not Planning Internal Links

Most SEO experts spend all their time planning and building backlinks. They also somewhat pay attention to user experience and technical SEO; however, more than soften, they forget on-page SEO. Just using the right keywords and optimized content is not enough. You can get traffic to many other pages of your website using each landing page. You just need to use the right internal links.

Google spider crawls all the links you use on each page. You can link to other pages of your website to not only show that your content is in-depth and relevant but also to increase the authority of your content. These internal links should be planned to ensure every single page of the website is linked from as many internal sources as possible. Besides, the user will click the links and also visit other pages of your increasing the dwell time. 

Not Testing Marketing Copies

You might be thinking about what marketing copies have to do with SEO experts. It’s actually more relevant than you think. If users keep ignoring your result in the search engine result page, it will be down-ranked as it shows that it was irrelevant. The user decides if he is going to click a link or not after reading the title and meta description. 

If the title and meta description are strong enough, the reader will ignore the top results and click on your page. Likewise, what’s the point of getting a visitor if he is not even going to read the article? A content writer needs to have a basic understanding of marketing. He should be able to write from a marketing perspective so each article is engaging and convincing. You should use the data of analytics to check all these things and improve your content accordingly. 

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