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Boost Your Business with These Advanced SEO Techniques

Boost Your Business with These Advanced SEO Techniques

Being aware of the needs of your target audience and delivering on them can dramatically increase the traffic to your website. You’ll see a rise in your conversion rate as well. There may be many more people looking for what your site has to offer than you even realize!

It’s up to you to help Internet users find their way to your site as easily as possible. The only way to do so efficiently is through search engine optimization. Becoming an expert in SEO is actually much easier than it’s often made out to be. You can save yourself quite a bit of money by not hiring an expert in the field at all.

According to B2B marketing, the Google search engine clocks in over 10 million unique searches per month. In the United States, almost 80 percent of the population is active online. As such, websites that have higher rankings on major search platforms like Google are able to bring in much more revenue. Since many people’s attention spans are essentially cut in half during internet activity, that provides yet another wrinkle that makes it so essential for a website to appear as close to the top of relevant search results as it can.

Total searches on Google
Source: MOZ

It’s common knowledge by now that web traffic comes largely from search engines. For that reason above all others, a search engine optimization strategy is absolutely essential. Optimization will increase your visitors and conversion rate tenfold over time. With that in mind, here are some of the core SEO techniques you should start employing across any site you own:

Audit your website’s structure

Auditing is essentially a process that allows you to thoroughly examine your site and figure out which areas aren’t performing as effectively as needed. Once you’ve audited a site, you can start making crucial decisions that can help turn things around. As far as SEO goes, this technique will allow you to change how attractive the site is to visitors and potential customers. You’ll have a better understanding of why the site isn’t receiving more traffic than it is, as well as what you can do to alter its course.

As you audit the site, you need to explore every aspect of its performance. Use what you find to establish new goals and start implementing them as soon as you can. You’ll often find that you can increase your success and profit without changing the amount of work and time you need to put in.

Some of the most common problems webmasters find themselves facing involve their header tags. A well-optimized tag should land anywhere between 15 and 65 characters. Regardless, the majority of content published by less savvy webmasters reaches 70 and beyond.


Many SEO experts will claim that it isn’t possible to make just one change and see worthwhile ranking improvements, but you’ll likely find the contrary to be true. Even changing something as simple as the length of your article titles can honestly lead to more clicks and higher traffic. On a similar note, strong meta descriptions are also absolutely crucial when it comes to optimization.


Google always favors sites with well-defined descriptions that are descriptive but concise. Meta descriptions are incredibly useful since they consist of a very standard form of HTML. They also act as a brief preview of the content for visitors, helping inspire them to click through. If you want to carry over the same experience within the content itself, make sure you always use subheadings to give the content a better flow and make your important paragraphs really stand out.

Pay attention to the data

If there’s one thing Google is efficient at, it’s compiling data from its users. Every single tool, platform, and algorithm they’ve developed utilize their data to build an increasingly efficient search engine. There’s likely a wealth of data in existence for the audience you’re hoping to target. Any feedback they’ve provided throughout the web on various services and products can help you craft your content in a way that appeals directly to their tastes.

The entire base of Google users is essentially helping to craft a more wide-reaching concept or idea. Finding data that’s relevant to what you’re trying to achieve may be difficult, but you can break serious ground merely by looking into social media platforms that your ideal audience might use most often. You can start understanding more about their interests and preferences from there.

Just remember that any data research you compile will only be of use if you can apply it to your audience. With this in mind, you’ll likely have the most success in crafting your content to answer questions your users may dial into Google.

Ensure your landing page is well optimized

Most clicks from any website will direct its audience to the homepage. The landing page must not be forgotten, however. Homepages are certainly of great importance, but your landing page is where you’ll be able to make the best impression on every visitor that comes your way.

Well-optimized landing pages are able to create more revenue than any other page on a site. There are some sites that have reportedly made as much as one million dollars from their landing pages alone.

Landing pages statistics

When paired with high-quality link building and tools such as basic email promotion, your landing page can do a considerable amount of heavy lifting. Just make sure your page is highly clickable, yet informative and useful to your audience.

Know what keywords your competition is using

It’s also important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. This is a staple of many industries, and it has just as many advantages in the online world as any other. If you take a look at which keywords seem to be ranking highly among the competition, you can start crafting even better content that hits the same marks.

Even if you build content that’s based on the keywords of your competitors, you can likely get in touch with them and have them share your link on their page.

High-quality referral traffic is always a resource that savvy webmasters will leap at. You can even see which pages are linking to competing sites through services like Backlink Watch.

Every single page of content on your website is a powerhouse of a marketing tool. They can help you with conversation rates, lead generation, and even sales. Regardless, you may sometimes feel as if you’re ready to wash your hands of the whole thing given the amount of work involved.

Just remember that nothing worth doing ever really comes easily. There are very few successful enterprises that popped up from nothing! By practicing a bit of tenacity and applying the SEO tactics above to your site, you can eventually attain a whole world of newfound success.

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