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5 Tips to Transform Your Small Businesses With Local SEO

Small businesses are becoming more serious about digital marketing after the Covid-19 pandemic. Everybody is looking for an SEO company that can help businesses grow and transform. But how will a local search engine optimization company do it? Is it possible to transform the small business with local SEO?

Yes, it is possible but if you are still in doubt about hiring a local SEO company then you must pay attention to this post. Here we are going to give you five necessary tips about local search engine optimization. Following these five tips, you can easily transform your small business.

#1. List Your Business In Directories

The first step is to list your business in online directories. After the pandemic, people have started searching for local and small businesses via online directories. If you also want more traffic then the easy way is to list your business in any directory available online. Following are some common and famous directories that you must use. Also, you can hire a local SEO company to optimize your listing.

Google My Business

Create an account on Google My Business directory and add all the necessary information related to your business. You can add your location, contact details, photographs, and much more.

Other Online Directories

Other online directories are also helping small businesses. You can find specific online directories for your country, region, or city. Put your business details there and ask an SEO company to optimize them for better ranking.

#2. Start Blog Or Podcasts

If you are a small business and you think that blogging and podcasting can’t help you then you are wrong. If your customers are online then you must start a blog or podcast for them. It will help you engage with your customers more authentically. Also, it creates brand awareness online.

Create Content On Local Topics

But as a small business, you have to create content on local topics related to your audience. An SEO company can help you rank higher on local topics.

Sound Local

Small businesses should start a blog or a podcast? Well, both of these ways are good. You can go with any of these options depending upon your budget, skills, and manpower. But the main focus should be on local topics. Choose an option, but always try to sound local. Talk to your audience in the local tone.

#3. Optimize Your Website

Your website is your online shop, but who is the salesman in this shop? Your content and SEO strategies are salespersons. A business website can only be optimized if it has good quality content with the right keywords targeted.

Find Local Keywords

A local SEO company will help you find local keywords. What people search on Google in your city? Finding such local keywords will help you get more traffic.

Target Location-Based Keywords

Some keywords are location-based and they can be used to target specific locations. “Best coffee shop in Newyork”, is an example of location-based keywords. Newyork is the targeted location. So you need to find your location targeted keywords and ask your SEO company to optimize your website with such keywords.

Generate Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are also helpful, however, it takes time and money investment to generate branded keywords. Your business can go viral with branded keywords.

#4. Use Social Media

Social media is more important for small businesses. Because some local businesses have more followers on social media rather than website traffic. An SEO company can also help you drive traffic from social media to your website.

Create Brand Profiles

You have to create social media profiles for your brands. If your target audience is using Twitter, then you have to be more active on Twitter. Some other platforms used for business marketing are Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Linkedin.


Other than hiring an SEO company you can also do some efforts from your side. Conduct some contests on your social media handles. They will help you get more engagement with your target audience.

#5. Engage Locally

You have to engage locally with your target audience. Daily activity is a must to have a thing when you are going to transform your small business. An SEO company will help you do it easily.

Solve Problems

Learn from your audience what problems they are facing. Try to create more solution-centric content for your audience to help them.

Ask For Reviews & Feedback

Feedback and reviews are a great tool to engage with customers. But the best part comes when you use these two things to attract new customers. Ask an SEO company to optimize the reviews and feedback that you get on your site or social media platforms.

We assure you that if you apply these five tips to your small business, then it won’t be small in the future. You will completely transform your business with these tips. If you feel that it is hard to work upon these tips then you can hire a local SEO company. A digital marketing agency or an SEO consultant can help you do all these things to grow more.

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