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3 Reasons Craft Beer is So Popular (and How to Capitalize On It)

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There are so many reasons why most people are drawn to craft beer. When it comes to beer, it’s all about the taste, the flavor, and of course, a bit of the high too.

Matured beer is darker, balanced to perfection, and has a crisp fruity aroma as a result of the aging process. These characteristics could be attributed to the fermentation process.

Let’s take a dive into the reasons behind the high popularity of craft beer.

What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a natural brew type of beer that’s traditionally made without the involvement of any mechanical processes. More often than not, the visual identity of craft beer can be hard to visually differentiate, not unless you’ve had some experience with it.

Taste, texture, and aroma are some of the ways seasoned beer enthusiasts can tell the difference between crafted beer and domestic/regular beer.

The consumer demand for craft beer is growing exponentially. This perhaps explains why a craft brewery is listed among the types of small businesses you can start on a budget.

Much of this can be attributed to the increasing consumption of this type of beer by the younger generation. Sustainability in this sector is currently on the rise, given the beer’s history, stories behind it, ingredients used, and not to mention the processes involved in its making.

Why Craft Beer Is Gaining Popularity

1. A Wide Range of Variety

Inarguably, the sheer volume of craft beer brews you can try is uncountable. You have craft beer types that can work well in just about any type of occasion. And as long as you get the branding right for your beer, your brews could be the next big thing in town. Nonetheless, each craft brew has its own unique features because, as earlier mentioned, it’s a naturally crafted beer!

2. The Use of Naturally Sourced Ingredients

When it comes to brewing beer, the ingredients used play a significant role in the end product. Most local brewers use locally sourced ingredients meaning that they support the local economy. Secondly, it has got everything to do with value addition. Chances are that the quality of the crafted beer is higher than that of regular beer.

3. Alcohol Content

Beer manufacturing companies will most often than not toy with your beer’s alcohol content. This is because they have to meet the industry’s regulations. On the other hand, with crafted beer, you get what you asked for. The beer is given enough time to ferment. This is a beer that’s from the barrel to the glass.

Producing Your Own Craft Beer

Contrary to popular belief, making your own beer isn’t rocket science. You just have to prepare and get the supplies and materials you need, brew it, ferment it, and bootle it. Beer-making kits are also widely available to help you with this these days.

Once you have your beer bottled, the next crucial step is labeling – that’s if you intend to commercialize it. In simple terms, the visual identity of your craft beer can determine whether you’ll sell more bottles of beer or not. Packaging and labeling should be a priority as it allows consumers to know you better and the ingredients in the product.

Below are some more hacks that can help you make an extra buck from selling craft beer.

Concentrate On Your Launch Model

If you’ve got a craft beer brand, then it is of the utmost importance to have it launched. Consider launching your product after (or even before) you’ve marketed yourself, and in a way that helps draw more people to your brand.

Market Yourself on Social Media

As earlier stated, more and more of the young generation are becoming interested in craft beer. Just like teens and kids, most of these young folks above the age of 18 are on social sites, searching for products and services that align with their interests. Take advantage of this and market yourself on these sites.

Focus On Uniqueness

You can uniquely package your beer and all. But as long as the flavor and taste of your beer are not unique, you could be headed for a huge slump. Always ensure that you are pushing high-quality products.

The new generation and late bloomers included are slowly becoming craft fans. Craft beer is no exception and you can make money depending on your strategies and what you intend to achieve. The above pointers can be a great source of inspiration in this.

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