Thursday, July 18

Why Direct Mail Marketing is Far From Dead – Infographic

Direct Mail marketing is far from dead.

In fact, it can still form an important part of any marketing strategy. Digital marketing is, of course, a powerful tool but this infographic from Colourfast looks at how direct mail marketing is still very effective. Some of the stats point strongly to this with 41% of Americans looking forward to checking what is in the mailbox each day.

Think of it this way, even if we see a flyer in our mailbox, we often give it a cursory glance out of habit more than anything else. On the other hand, if we get unsolicited offers in our email inbox we generally ignore and delete these messages. Amazingly 40% of consumers are willing to give new businesses a chance after they receive direct mail from them.

Interestingly, there is far less competition in your mailbox now with the advent of the internet. The actual mailbox is far less full, so your mail will get more attention. In 2018, the opportunity to get noticed is better than ever as so many companies are ignoring this marketing technique. Check out the full infographic now to learn how to create an effective direct mail marketing campaign.

An infographic by the team at colourfast


When email was new, direct mail marketing was extremely effective.

People opened every single email they received and treated it like gold, but today, it looks a lot different.

Today, we remove the emails that we don’t find valuable because it takes a longer time to unsubscribe from them than to delete them.

As virtually every brand now users mail marketing, the competition of your audience’s attention in their mailbox is incredible tough to say the least.

And that this is where mail marketing is today has lead to many marketers believing that mail marketing just doesn’t work anymore, but this is far from true, and this infographic proves that!

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